Leadership Team

ICAN is operated by a small full time staff and supported by a dedicated volunteer base that ensures the quality and strength of the program.


Jillian is a fundraiser with a heart for people and their personal stories. She brings more than 16 years of not-for-profit management experience to ICAN previously working for The American Heart Association, Community Health Network and the Indianapolis Chamber. She’s even owned her own manufacturing company for a period of time. Jillian has been with ICAN since the beginning – serving as a furlough volunteer to a shy, black Labrador named Nora who happened to be one of the first three dogs in the ICAN program! She also served on the board of directors and as board president for five years.

For questions regarding board relations, risk management, ICAN staff, donor relations, or strategy and culture, please contact Jillian.

Email     |    Phone: (317) 672-3861

Director of Development and Outreach


Dino has a bachelor's degree in social work, over 30 years of event management, and has been a volunteer for ICAN since 2006. She began a paid role with the organization in 2012 to help plan and coordinate the 10th Anniversary Decade of Dogs Celebration in November of 2012. Dino is the 'master juggler' ICAN needs to develop supportors, events and the organization's communications. She loves dogs, all shapes, sizes and colors!

For questions regarding donor relations, marketing, outreach/speaking requests, dog sponsorships, ICAN special events (e.g. Puppy Love, Wine and Wags), media inquiries, please contact Dino.

Email     |    Phone: (317) 672-3864

Director of Training


Sean joins ICAN from the The Humane Society of Indianapolis where he served as Canine Evaluator and Behavior Specialist. He has been a long time supportor of ICAN, a talented dog handler and hard working volunteer directly involved with training offenders in all three facilities.  Sean brings a unique and valuable perspective on ICAN's mission to unleash abilities on both ends of the leash.

For questions regarding training, inmate handlers, released dogs, please contact Sean.

Email |  Phone (317) 672-3862


Director of Client Services

Sandi has worked in the medical field for several years. She has been a long time volunteer for many different non-profit organizations. Her initial involvement with ICAN was in 2010 as a Breeder Caretaker for an ICAN dog named Willow. She has a strong belief in the mission of ICAN and is eager to apply her skills from patient care to client needs through service dogs. Sandi loves dogs, the bigger the better! She enjoys spending time with her teenage daughters, Carley and Maddie, and their two yellow labs Willow and Eli.

For questions regarding client applications, public access re-certification, client/dog pairings and refresher classes, please contact Sandi.

Email |  Phone: (317) 672-3865

Director of Donor Relations

Amanda joins the ICAN team with a passion for changing lives on both ends of the leash. She first began working with ICAN on the 2019 Puppy Love Valentine Program. She has a bachelor’s degree in Law and Society, with a focus on psychology and offender reentry and 5 years experience in fundraising. As a parent of a child with special needs who was matched with a service dog, she sees firsthand the incredible impact dogs can have on someone’s life. Amanda looks forward to working with ICAN donors and volunteers to support the ICAN mission.

Email     |    Phone: (317) 672-3863




Development Associate

Brynne has a bachelor's degree in social work. She was first introduced to ICAN when she joined them for her internship senior year. It was then that she fell in love with the organization and its mission. She began working for them one year later in 2017. She has a passion for serving people and is excited to see more lives changed through these magnificent dogs.

For questions regarding payables/receivables, donations/pledges, office management, If These Dogs Could Talk presentations (and the place to go when you don't know who to ask), please contact Brynne.

Email     |    Phone: (317) 672-3860

Volunteer and Canine Coordinator


Julie has dual bachelor’s degrees in animal behavior and neuroscience from Indiana University – Bloomington. During her junior year at IU, she heard a presentation on ICAN, and instantly wanted to be a part of the organization. Julie and a fellow classmate subsequently founded a student organization, ICAN at IU, which focuses on assistance dog education, fundraising and volunteer efforts in support of ICAN. Now as a member of the staff, Julie looks forward to working directly with the organization as Volunteer and Canine Coordinator.

For information on being a furlough volunteer/training or a general volunteer with ICAN, please contact Julie.

Email     | Phone: (317) 672-3866