Volunteering for ICAN

Volunteers play a vital part in helping ICAN achieve its mission by bringing together dogs, offenders, and people living with disabilities to provide hope for more enriched and independent living.

Volunteer help is needed for Dogs-in-Training. This involves several areas: furloughing a dog, being a puppy starter, transporting dogs to and from the vet, hosting a whelping in one’s home, or becoming a litter sitter.

Furlougher or Puppy Starter

Get hands-on with the pups by becoming a furlougher or puppy starter! A puppy starter helps raise and socialize a pup from 8 to 16 weeks old prior to him/her getting assigned to one of our prison training programs. Once the dog is 20 weeks old, they begin their training at the correctional facility.  Every six weeks, a dog comes out of the prison for three weeks and a furlougher is assigned to them.

Furlough Volunteers are needed to give our dogs an opportunity to leave their training environment and practice their skills in real-life situations. This is an important part of a service dog’s training as primary instruction is provided in Indiana prisons which provides constant training and reinforcement but is somewhat limited to sights, smells, and sounds that are important to a service dog’s education.

You must be 18 years or old to be a Furlougher, Whelper or Puppy Starter. Family furlough teams are also available.

Whelping Host/Litter Sitter

Play a significant role in the breeding program with ICAN by helping us whelp a brand new litter of puppies or becoming a litter sitter!

It is critical for service dogs to have the right temperament and health; and we are in need of caring volunteers to provide a loving home to a breeding female or to volunteer as a litter sitter once new pups arrive.


To complete a volunteer application, please contact our Volunteer & Canine Coordinator at juliem@icandog.org.

Internships at ICAN

Periodically we will have a need for an intern to assist the organization with set projects. Often the ICAN internships are offered without pay, and our goal is to provide meaningful work experience and/or satisfy requirements of a credit-based internship. Students are required to give a minimum of 135 hours per internship.

At this time we do not offer internships in the area of canine training. We do periodically have internships in marketing, event management and human services.

Our application process for Summer and Fall 2020 are currently closed. Please check back periodically for updates regarding future opportunities.