Fundraising Ideas for Children & Adults

Fundraising Ideas to Support ICAN

The following are a number of fundraising ideas to assist you in your fundraising program. We hope these ideas will be helpful for you and please note these are simply ideas and there are so many ways to get creative. If it’s something to do with dogs, then people will come to support it! So keep that in mind when doing your fundraiser and how you can incorporate ICAN’s mission on training service dogs. We will work with you to educate others about our work and also explain how service dogs are different from emotional support or therapy dogs, how they are trained, who trains them, etc. Once you have determined your fundraiser, contact or call 317-672-3864 let us know what you have planned and we will arrange to bring some ICAN dogs in training to your event!


A very easy fundraiser to do on its own or as part of another event taking place. Make a call out to friends that can help bake their specialty; include a variety of desserts – cookies and muffins to whole cakes and pies. Wrap to keep your items fresh and label them (note if there are any nuts to avoid allergic reaction) and on the day of sale have a cash box ready to make the change. Add bottled water or lemonade to your sale to wash down the yummy goodness!


Create a fun twist on a game tournament and do something that everyone can participate in! Have a Card or Board Game Tournament. Pick a favorite game and assemble four or six-person teams, charge an entry fee for each team and give a portion of the proceeds as the winning prize OR get prizes donated from local businesses. Consider adding a concession stand with hot dogs, chips, popcorn, etc. to earn extra money.


What can be more fun than popping a balloon? Winning something for doing so, of course. This is an easy fundraiser and can also be part of another event where there are lots of people. All you need is balloons, a helium tank, string, and slips of paper with prizes printed on them. Place the prize slips into the balloons, fill them with air, and tie a string to them. Sell the balloons telling people to hold onto them until an announcement is made. After they have been sold instruct everyone to pop their balloon and see what they won. You will be amazed at how different people have different methods to getting their balloon to pop!


This fundraiser is perfect to collect the change given at countless stores in your town. Gather old coffee cans or other types of containers and then punch holes in the top. Print out a sheet with info about your group and what you are collecting money for – we can even provide you cool photos of our dogs in training! Put the sheet on all of your cans. Set a timeframe on how long you will run the buckets and be sure to communicate to the business those details and any other logistics.


You get the canvasses and paints (acrylic, water-based) and we’ll bring the dogs! Charge an entry fee that will include the canvas and paint for children or adults to paint a canvas with one of our dogs in training! We will bring the volunteers to facilitate the action. This can be done on a gym floor (best to cover with a tarp) or out in a parking lot under a tent. (Note: ICAN needs at least 60-day notice for this event and a pre-determined date to make sure the dogs and volunteers will be available).


This traditional fundraiser is a piece of cake to organize! It can be a small part of a larger event or a successful fundraiser on its own. Recruit friends to bake a variety of cakes, pies, and cookies and then sell tickets. This event can be done indoors or outdoors. You will need chairs, a portable stereo for the cake walk music, a microphone to call the walk. Get a local radio or celebrity to host it! Add drinks and dessert samples for additional sales. Make each cakewalk a fun theme! Sell your tickets on at various price levels – one walk, multiple walks or all cakewalks. Our dogs will even participate in the walk!


Break out those dancing shoes – it’s time to boogie! A 24-hour dance-a-thon is an easy and fun fundraiser! Get people to sign up, ask them to get pledges from the community, and find a venue to accommodate the size of your group. Include drinks/snacks to keep the dancers going and add a DJ to it to make things fun.


This is a perfect way to assist ICAN in raising money and can be done at work, your church, your civic organization, and more. Get a team of 20 or more individuals to purchase one of ICAN’s special Puppy Love Valentine’s gift boxes (held during the week of Valentines) and we’ll bring two or three dogs to deliver them! We’ll stay an hour to visit with your group and allow folks to get some puppy love!


You will need your best guessing skills for this fundraiser. It’s very simple to run and requires very little equipment. Get a large jar or clear box and fill it with candy, marbles, etc. (solicit business to donate the items) and charge people a price to guess how many are in the jar. Set a time limit and then announce the winner giving them a grand prize. Increase your dollars by doing more than one jar with different items!


There are lots of ways to pull employees together and have fun doing it. Create a FUNraiser Committee and come up with a number of events throughout the year. Do a Brown Bag Your Lunch Day and encourage them to then donate what they would have spent on lunch. Find a florist willing to donate flowers each month and ask folks to donate a buck or two to be put in the drawing. Bring pizza in for lunch and sell it for $2-$3 a slice/bottle or donuts or bagels to sell during the morning.


You Scream, I Scream, We ALL Scream for Ice Cream!  Everyone loves ice cream so host an ice cream social for any age! Come up with the location, flavors, variety of toppings (including brownies, bananas, red cherries, etc.) and sell it by the bowl or cone. Add banana splits or sundaes as an option as well!


This fundraiser can be very popular at work! Find a number of restaurants who would be willing to donate a dinner for two each day of the week. Try to find a wide range of restaurants from simple to elaborate and different cuisines.  Offer them an advertisement in return. Come up with a ticket price and start selling them!


Who doesn’t like pancakes? Check out a local school or church to host your pancake breakfast. Come up with a variety of pancakes and name them after a dog! Charge by the pancake or by the plate.


Hugging Contest, Grab Bag, Rummage Sale, Luxury or Rugged Test Drive (car dealership), Reserved Seats (get your local NBA, WNBA or NFL to donate), Traditional Raffle, Wrap it Up! (Holiday gifts), Car Wash, etc.