Maureen “Moe” Kiley

Breeding & Puppy Development Coordinator

In 2011, after watching a small puppy walk down the halls of Eli Lilly, Moe became interested in how to get involved with ICAN.  She first joined as a Furlougher and then as a Puppy Raiser. Moe deepened her commitment to ICAN by becoming the volunteer Furlough Coordinator. Once she retired, she was able to devote more time to ICAN’s Breeding and Puppy Raising programs. In 2020 she joined the staff as the Breeding and Puppy Development Coordinator. “There is nothing like helping bring a puppy into this world and two years later watch it walk across the graduation stage with its person. Changing the life of that person forever.”

For questions regarding ICAN’s breeding program, the ABC Breeding Cooperative, or becoming a Whelping Host or Puppy Starter, please contact Moe.

Email   |  Phone (317) 771-9313