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March 21, 2019

Helping Service Dogs in Training written by Katie Schoenberg, Ph.D. (Katie is an ICAN Furlough Volunteer. She is the Senior Advisor, Product Development Portfolio & Program Manager  for Elanco Animal Health. We are grateful to Elanco for allowing their employees to participate in ICAN’s Furlough Program.) I can still remember my first introduction to the…


June 1, 2016

Being a part of the ICAN Team has made a major difference in our lives. We were from the old school of training yanking a choke collar and a gruff NO. Training dogs in a positive manner gives a much quicker and happier response from the dogs. This in turn has given us a gentler…


April 19, 2016

Jamie Young is a volunteer veterinarian with ICAN. She has whelped pups, puppy raised, and cared for the dogs in training for years. In addition to her medical knowledge, she has provided another invaluable resource to ICAN, her connection with other service dog organizations. Jamie has worked with 17 different programs across the country and…


March 30, 2016

When I became a furlough volunteer for ICAN, I was an experienced trainer. My techniques had gotten me good results in competitive obedience and I felt pretty confident in my approach. I used a combination of coercive, jerk and correct type, methods and positive reward based training. I was pretty sure this was the best…


November 13, 2015

I discovered ICAN by observing their dogs in action at the Community North Rehabilitation Center while visiting my father. I watched in awe as the dogs assisted my father and patients with physical therapy and emotional support. Little did I know how ICAN and their dogs would take me on a journey of support, personal…