April 13, 2016

ICAN Companion Dog Helps 10-year-old Gain Independence

By Nicole Misencik

Courtsey of WTHR

10-year-old Olivia Goldfarb and her ICAN companion Ally are best friends. Olivia says there's only one word to describe their connection, "It's amazing! She has helped me a lot, and really changed our lives." It's been a year and a half since Ally was partnered with Olivia, and Joan, Olivia's mom, says their bond was immediate.

"The first time they met we saw that spark and then in training it was just every day you saw this relationship growing, and you just like oh my gosh this is special," Joan said. Olivia lives with a rare genetic disorder, progressive degenerative disorder of the cerebellum. Before Ally, Olivia used a walker full time. Now, with Ally's help, Olivia's independence is growing.

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