Stability & Independence

Find stability and independence with a mobility dog.

We train mobility assistance dogs to perform helpful tasks for children and adults who use wheelchairs or have mobility challenges, so you can move around safely and independently.

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Almost 40 million Americans have a disability that significantly impacts their daily life.

Children and adults with mobility issues shouldn't have to worry about their safety.

With a trained mobility assistance dog by your side, you’ll find independence, acceptance, and the ability to move from one place to the next with confidence.

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Clients with mobility issues accomplish great things with a service dog by their side:

Overcoming daily challenges
Moving safely at home and in public
Connecting more with others around them
And more
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We train our mobility assistance dogs to master a variety of skills, such as:

Picking up and retrieving named objects
Opening and closing doors and cabinets
Pushing automatic door and elevator buttons
Turning light switches on and off
Safely crossing a parking lot with you or your child
Tugging off your socks or jacket
Acting as a brace to help you get up from your couch or bed
And more

Please note: Placement requires you to be able to manage your mobility assistance dog on your own when out in public. Generally, individuals must be at least 16 years of age before they're mature enough to do so.

With a mobility assistance dog,

you can become more independent

and get around with confidence.