Impact People

Our mission changes lives on both ends of the leash.

Our service dogs provide independence and confidence for children and adults with disabilities and offer purpose and a second chance for inmate handlers.

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Children and adults with disabilities should be able to lead independent, productive lives.

Almost 40 million Americans live with a disability that significantly affects their daily lives. Many of these individuals struggle to find stability, purpose, and social acceptance. We're here to help them discover those things.

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Since 2002, we’ve supported children and adults with disabilities by placing service dogs and in-home skilled companion dogs.


Our in-home skilled companion dogs do NOT have public access or ADA coverage, but they DO graduate with the same skills as our service dogs.

Some of them have personality traits that would keep them from acting appropriately in public.

For example, an in-home skilled companion dog might bark at someone wearing glasses, a mask, or anything else that prevents the dog from reading the person's face. But things are much more predictable in someone's home, and the routine environment is less likely to startle the dog as they assist their owner with certain tasks.

An in-home skilled companion dog can help you overcome daily challenges at home, find independence, and rely less on your family and friends.

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An in-home skilled companion dog offers comfort, support, safety, and unconditional love.

Find independence and stability with an ICAN dog by your side! You’ll be able to:


An in-home skilled companion dog will give your family peace of mind that you are not home alone. If something happens, your in-home skilled companion dog can retrieve a phone or push a medical alert button to contact emergency personnel. They can also help you with everyday household tasks.
In-home skilled companion dogs are devoted, loving, and loyal. They enjoy working and being around their person to provide life-long companionship.
An in-home skilled companion will help you overcome daily challenges and get through the day with confidence. While an in-home skilled companion does not have public access or legal protection through the ADA, your service dog may enter public locations where pet dogs are allowed (if there are no safety concerns).

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A companion dog can help you with everyday tasks and challenges, such as:

Picking up and retrieving named objects
Opening and closing doors and cabinets
Helping you keep your balance around the house
Providing comfort and companionship
Getting help or pushing a medical alert button to contact emergency personnel
And more

Important information about living more independently.

For those who do not leave their home much, or have assistance from others when they do, an in-home skilled companion dog is a great option. The waiting period for this placement is typically not as long as the wait for other types of ICAN dogs.


safe and independent at home

with a skilled companion dog by your side.