ICAN Graduation Ceremony

After ten days of team training, where the handler teaches the clients skills to work with their dog, we celebrate the new partnership with a Graduation Ceremony. The graduation is held on the second Thursday of June and December.

It is also a time when ICAN Handlers are given the opportunity to share with the guests on how being in the ICAN program has made an impact on their lives. From there, the handler introduces the client and places the official service dog vest on the dog and hands him/her over to their forever friend. The evening is emotional, yet inspirational because you will witness ICAN’s two components, helping the inmate, helping someone living with a disability, come full circle.

A huge thanks to Taylor’s Bakery for providing our graduation the wonderful cakes!

Our graduations take place at the Indiana Women’s Prison (IWP) at 7 PM. We include a light reception that is prepared by the women in the IWP Culinary Program, to allow you time to meet the handlers, dogs, and clients, followed by a one-hour graduation ceremony. Each graduation has a theme in which our handlers work all month long preparing decor for the room to make our guests feel welcomed.

It is an evening filled with celebration and one with tears as both of our components come together one last time before taking the dogs to their forever home. We hope you will come to celebrate with us at one of our future graduations!

ICAN’s 2020 Graduation Ceremony

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, our June 2020 Graduation Class has been moved to December’s Graduation. Please visit back with us on September 30th for further info about ICAN’s December graduation.

Would You Like to Support a Graduating Client Canine Team?

Sponsor an ICAN Client Canine Team for our ten-day training/graduation in December! A sponsorship of $750 will absorb the training materials, equipment, supplies, lunches, and graduation costs for a ”Client Canine Team.” If you are interested, contact dino@icandog.org or call 317-672-3864.

DONATIONS NEEDED! If you are interested in donating any gift cards from Kroger’s, Costco, GFS or Michaels, for our team training lunches, supplies, and the graduation reception, please contact Brynnee@icandog.org or call 317-672-3860.  A cash donation may also be done online at DONATE NOW. Thank you!

Arrival time must be between 6:15 and 6:45 pm and YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER AND REGISTERED TO ATTEND.

The Legacy Wall of ICAN graduates since 2004

Check out some photos from ICAN’s June 2019 Graduation! (Photos by Liz Kaye Photography)