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June 28, 2017

Mary & Senator

Mary & Senator

(Mary & Senator are graduates of ICAN's 2017 Graduating Class)

Sometimes you need a faithful friend by your side to guide you through life.  That's what Senator, a Golden-Lab will do for Mary.  His deep brown eyes constantly watch Mary, to anticipate how he can help, and what she needs.  "He's magnificent and wonderful," Mary said.  How can this big bundle of love not be?

Senator will serve as an "in home skilled companion dog" for Mary.  Mary is dealing with brain tumor complications which has also affected her vision. Senator will be by her side to help with mobility assistance and giving her a greater sense of independence.  "Without him," Mary said, "my life would be so much poorer."
ICAN Furlough Volunteer Pat Clark, along with Dr. Sally Irvin, helped build the relationship between Mary and Senator during their two-week training.  Mary is forever grateful.  "How can you be so good, godly, wonderful to give him up?  She's sacrificing him so I can have his love and assistance." 

Senator will help pick up and retrieve items for Mary; here he is retrieving Mary's cell phone for her.

Mary's husband Chuck works during the day, so for him, knowing Senator will be right by Mary's side will help him feel more comfortable.  Senator will help Mary by retrieving items, picking up dropped items, and acting as a "space cue" due to her sight impairment.  He will also serve as a brace for helping her get up and down from her bed or sofa.


(Top, Left to Right); Senator's Level 1-4 training was done by two ICAN handlers, Danny & Sonya; (Bottom); ICAN furlougher, Pat Clark, worked with Senator to provide him the experience he needed outside of the prison setting to help strengthen his confidence.