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July 9, 2015

Maizie’s Musings, June 22nd to July 9th

Me and my new handler, Mindy at dog art day! We are a wee bit lopsided!

Monday, June 22nd

Hello everybody! I want you all to know after my vacation and saying goodbye to my dear friend Angela, and meeting my new handler, Mindy, that I am adjusting well, and I'm back on track and ready to go.

My first few days back I got to pal around with Mindy and all my dog buddies, giving me time to get re-acquainted with everyone.

I did have a nice surprise waiting for me too, a new playmate/roommate named Range. Mindy was puppy-sitting him for a few days. Range is about 10 weeks old, and looks like a fuzzy polar bear.
Range and I would play tug-o-war with our toys, which I had to pretend he was stronger, as to not hurt the little guys feelings. All the humans would come to our room and smile and oooh & ahhh when Range climbed all over me, bit my ears, licked my face, growled at me with his tiny voice, and stole my bones. I'm not sure why was so cute to them, but since it made everyone happy I let him continue until he would tire out. He would then snuggle next to me and go fast sleep. Speaking of sleep, it's time for another nap…

Range, taking off with one of my toys! Show off!

Tuesday, June 23rd

Today I got to start training again. Mindy and I went through all the cues I know to see how good I am. She says I'm very smart and a quick learner. I know I am but I don't think humans are as smart and quick as us dogs. My handler put me in a pink/flower collar, and changed my bedding from boy stuff to pink, girly stuff. I think it has taken her this long to finally realize I'm a girl. Jeez, that's okay though. She's really nice and I think she's trainable too…

My friend Range and his five sisters are all with furlough people like my best friend Joni is to me. Range told me he would see me again when he got older and would be back here for his level 2 & 3 training. Until then, I have his kitty kat stuffed animal to keep me company. I lay my head on it like a pillow.

I got to go to the library today. This place has sooo many books. My handler always seems to have one of these books in front of her nose. She says she is reading. I don't know what that is but I do know it doesn't smell like anything and it sure doesn't taste good. Mindy asked me not to taste her book and she can be sure I won't, yuck! Lots of people come in and out of a library. I got a lot of attention from the girls while I was there and lots of treats for being good. I could stay there all day!

Wednesday, June 24th

I'm not sure what came over me today, hehehe. Mindy and I had been outside at rec, walking around and around this circle, when we were told it was time to go in. We stopped and talked to an officer while everyone was going in, but us. I just wasn't ready to go in and that walking in the same circle over and over was a bit boring. That new pink collar I had on was loose so I ran as fast as I could and it slipped off my neck and I was free! Wooooeeee… I ran and ran from one end of the field to another. I heard Mindy yell "Ryker", "Alex", "Coty", but I didn't see anyone else anywhere. Then, I heard her yell "Maizie". I never slowed down, I just curved around and ran right towards her and skidded to a stop right at her feet. There I was and they were just laughing. My collar got put back on me, and I was rewarded for coming back when being called. Some girls and the officer said I ran like a greyhound and they would all put their money on me. I don't know what a greyhound is, but I hope they don't have a lot of money because it sounds very heavy to me. That little escapade wore me out. I need to get some rest because we have Dog Art tomorrow! I will have pictures for you later of all my artistic abilities.

Thursday, June 25th

Boy do I look silly! I got to do Dog Art today. I painted several pictures with my tail, nose and paws. Plus my handler got painted a bit too. I would get so excited when people came over to look at my work. I would turn to see them and before you know it, Mindy was painted by my tail on several occasions! We both looked very colorful. Pinks, blues, greens, oranges, every color of the rainbow! My dog friends had just as much fun as I did by the looks of them. My best friend Joni was there too! And Range and four of his siblings also got to come! Mindy let us paint and play together. Between all of us ICAN dogs and puppies, I'm sure we had over 200 paintings! It was a very colorful experience for all of us!!


Look at all the dog art Mindy and I did! Handler, Leslie showing off a piece from Everest (Ogie)!

Friday, June 26th

Today is a brand new day. Myself and a few of my dog friends still have pretty paint marks all over us. They say we will be getting baths today. Yeah, I love the water. I am learning new things daily, and today Mindy is teaching me "down-stay". This is easy! All I have to do is lay down on some soft cool grass and stay there until Mindy gets tired of walking around making strange noises and flapping her arms. Seems to me like she is doing all the hard work and I get all the treats for just staying still. I can do this more often. Mindy keeps telling me I'm doing a good job.

Saturday, June 27th

Today was a bad day for me. Everyone tells me they think a spider bit me. My cheek looked like I was trying to hide a golf ball in my mouth and my whole body got covered with these red things called hives. They are so itchy. Mindy took me to get medication, and it has me feeling better, but I am very sleepy. So I haven't got to do much today. I'm not sure if I'm hearing things correctly, but instead of saying Maizie, it sounds like they are calling me Lumpy! I'm awfully sleepy…

Sunday, June 28th

My weekend went quickly, I mostly slept. I would take short walks to get my medicine and come back to my room to sleep. Mindy would let me do a few things like "dress" before we took our walks. Mindy would hold my collar and easy walk out for me and I would walk right into by myself. I like doing things for myself. I practice things like touch, shake, roll, sit, down, stand, and, of course, side & heel while we walked. Nothing too physically exerting. I guess my hives get worse if I get hot. It rained earlier today and it cooled down a lot this evening and Mindy had me dress again and she let me sniff in the grass and lay down in it and just rest. She is just like my mom, Jamie…she's very caring, loving and makes sure I am okay. I really like Mindy.

Monday, June 29th

I am feeling much better and my hives are all gone. These creatures humans call insects are not very friendly. Mr. Spider made my mouth swell up and gave me itchy hives. I met Mr. Bee not too long ago while I was laying under a picnic bench watching a softball game and he stung me on the nose! Ouch, it hurt! I really don't want to meet any more insects. Because of my hives and staying in my room, I didn't have to wear my collar and leash, but now that Mindy and I are going out and about, she put it back on me. Hmmm…I think she's afraid if she doesn't keep ahold of my leash that she'll get lost while we are out. We are going to group. I get to show everyone I know how to sit still and listen and then follow commands I am given. I like to show off. Plus I like everyone clapping and telling me how good I am doing!!

Tuesday, June 30th

Today has been a good day. I got to work on ''recalls'' and ''drop'' and I had a lot of fun! I got to run and chase a tennis ball. Mindy would throw the ball and I would run as fast as I could to get to it. Running is one of my favorite things to do! Once I got the ball, Mindy would call my name and say ''come'' and I would run back to her and sit. Then she would tell me to ''drop'' and I would drop the ball into her hand. Mindy would tell me what a good girl I was and throw the ball again. I did very well at this and I felt it was more like play than work! Then it was playtime and Hunter, one of my dog buddies came outside and chased me trying to get the ball. I ran around and around the yard while he tried to get me, but I AM FASTER than Hunter! I wish we could play ALL DAY but it's really warm out and these humans are turning pink on us so we went back inside. Being it's so warm out, I know I will get some cold ice cubes in my water dish! A nice cool treat before I lay down for a nice long nap….

Wednesday, July 1st

Mindy and another friend, took me outside this morning. They were looking at all the pretty flowers and vegetables growing in the garden. There are orange ones, red ones, pink ones, white ones, and these things they call herbs, that have lots of wonderful smells. I was free to roam around as I pleased, but I decided to stay close to Mindy in hopes of getting a bit of that tall grass. But…just as I was ready to make my move and get this one tall luscious looking blade, I saw a bug crawling, and then another one… and before I could back up, the biggest scariest bug I had ever seen in my dog gone life went buzzing out of the flowers right at me! I jumped back and ran back into the yard. Mindy and her friend just laughed and laughed. They said it was just a dragonfly! I don't know why they thought it was so funny. I continued to do a little free sniffing staying clear of any plants or flowers. I'll stick to the grass…bugs and I don't mix well!

Hunter, with ALL of his sponsors, at a big birthday party. He's one popular dog!

Hush….don't tell anyone, but I still have a stuffed friend named, Bunny, that I play and sleep with. I'm mentioning this to you because if I tell anyone here they might think I'm still a baby. You see, Hunter lives two rooms down, across the hall from me and keeps coming by and stealing Bunny! I think he is only doing this because I never let him catch me when I have the ball. I usually remember to keep Bunny out of my door way but sometimes I forget. Today, I remembered and put him in my crate where Hunter couldn't reach him. I felt content he couldn't bother Bunny. Boy, was I ever wrong! While Hunter and I were laying at our doors, I had this feeling, with Hunter staring at me, that he was up to no good. He was being all cute and sweet to his handler, Alisha, so she would let him off leash. As soon as Hunter was free, he came at me full speed, jumping right over me and diving straight into my crate to get Bunny! He snatched her right up, jumped back over me and darted back into his room! I heard Alisha call him to come out from under the bed and then I heard the click of his collar going back around his neck. This happened so fast! I was shocked and was just sitting there staring at him. He has Bunny again! Alisha left the room and he's just laying there in the doorway looking at me and smiling. Only this time he has Bunny in his mouth!

Thursday, July 2nd

We have a cute little Golden Retriever named Leroy staying at our dorm this week. He is only four months old. Leroy's handler came and got me so that I could play with him today. She knows I am very gentle with puppies and she has watched Range and I play. Range is another puppy she trains. I'm happy I got to play with Leroy. I like all dogs. I got to go to several places today at the prison. I got to go outside and work on my LLW (loose leash walking). I also got to go to the infirmary where I got to practice walking up and down the stairs. I did great because I either stayed even or one step ahead going up the stairs and I stayed even or one step behind going down the stairs. It was easy compared to all the ''calm greetings'' I had to do. There were SO MANY people cooing and ahhing and wanting to pet me! I have to sit, stand or lay still while people pet me. It's so hard to do! I just want to lick and jump all over them! I did my best today so I could keep getting all that attention and special treats. My tail was wagging so fast it made my whole body wiggle too! Woofie Woof Woof!

Leroy and his puppy starter, Nancy

Friday, July 3rd

Today all of the handlers and dogs had group with Sean. He is one of our teachers and we did some LLW (loose leash walking) in the grass and were not allowed to free sniff. That wasn't easy! Every step I took, a different smell was going up my nose. I think Mindy knew this because she started walking faster and that helped me bypass all those smells. Then Sean said something and all the handlers began to lay on their backs in the grass but they were still giving us commands to sit, stand or visit. This is one example of humans being very confusing to dogs, especially, when they are laying down in their beds and don't want us to lay down! How come they get to lay down and we don't get to nap also? Another example of these quirky humans! Last night, a girl rolled the ball to me. She seemed nice. I would go get the ball and bring it back to her. About the 3rd time I was bringing it to her, she said ''hurry'' (which in dog language,  means ''go potty''). I stopped where I was and thought this girl has lost her mind! I AM housebroken and I do have manners!!! Geeez….humans!

Renn and I playing tug of war! I ALWAYS win!

As many of you know, besides me being a service dog in training, I have a second career as a movie star. Well, word has gotten out about my superstar status here at the prison! Today my Auntie Shirl came and picked me up and said that we were going to go to Zionsvilles for a special showing that exhibited all the great dog art we did not long ago, and I was the star of the evening! It was going to be picture day with Maizie! And, guess whose adorable face everyone wanted to include in their photo with them? Yep, me! Can you blame them? Woof! I couldn't say no to my loyal fans so I posed this way, I posed that way, I even gave out a few hugs and kisses. My brother Renn was there too and so was Everest who they now call Ogie and top dog, Senna. We had a blast! All this fame sure can wear a dog out. The event was a huge success and Susan, who owns the jewelry store that featured all of the dog art, was so nice! She gave out the best dog rubs and talked about me with all the people there. Auntie Shirl said she raised a whole bunch of money that night for ICAN!


Top- Senna, Renn, Ogie and Me!  Lower – Joni, Ogie and Ralph – my puppy raisers!

Senna giving a friend a big smooch!

There were so many people at Avalon Jewelers buying dog art.

After it was over, I went home with another friend named Dino. I've been to Dino's house a number of times and she has two dogs named Buster and Rainier. I was so excited to see them! We were all going to get to spend the 4th of July weekend together! I've never had a 4th of July before and I've never seen fireworks, so this will be a wild adventure!

4th of July Weekend

It was so much fun! The next day after the dog art showing, Rainier, Buster and I played and played all day long. Rainier is one big ball hog though so I had to work extra hard to get the ball from him! He's a big giant Golden Retriever and apparently, he flunked out of ICAN school. He told me all of this while we were doing the sniffs outside in the yard. He's pretty smart though but he said he prefers being a plain old dog and loves living with Dino and Buster.


I got the best seat in the entire boat!  That's Dino laughing at me!

The next day we went to some friends of Dino's for a cook-out and they lived on a lake. I was so excited because I love to swim but Dino said I wouldn't get to swim at this lake because it didn't have a beach for me to run on to. But we did go for an awesome boat ride in this big pontoon boat! My friend Joni took me on one of these at her house and I just love riding in them. All of the people at the cook-out were so nice and very lovey dovey! They also had two cats! What is it about those creatures I just don't know but I sure like to stare at them and then charge after them! I've never caught one yet but they sure have long fingernails – ouch! Dino warned me but I guess I just didn't listen! And then they had fireworks! WOW! What sounds they make and all these funny figures in the sky that move all over the place and then disappear! I didn't quite understand how that happened but one thing I know is it sure was something brand new for me to experience. I didn't care for the smells those noises made but I sure liked the squiggly things in the sky. Dino kept saying how great I was doing and I wasn't afraid of them. So why would I be afraid of them? Now, if they were bugs, then that would be another issue!

It was such a beautiful night for fireworks. I love the water.

This is my new friend, Jennifer.

Monday, July 6th – Maizie Mondays!

I got to return back to WTHR for another Maizie Monday and see my buddy Nicole! I just love Nicole! I also got to invite my brother Renn to join me! Renn was named after Officer Perry Renn who died in the line of duty protecting his community. He went with me to share his story about why he was named after him and that he was being trained in honor of all the good things Officer Renn did for his community and his love for animals. It was a very special Maizie Monday. And, as always, I love seeing my bro Renn! We played and rolled on the floor and showed off a bit too!


 Me, Nicole and Renn posing for the camera.

The remainder of the week, I got to play with Buster and Rainier, go with Dino to run errands at the grocery store, went to work with her and hang with some other ICAN dogs and also went to the dedication ceremony for Officer Perry Renn. I got to experience being around so many people and lots of children. Dino kept saying that I needed to work on this ''jumping'' thing around people and doing these things she calls Zommies, whatever that is. She says it's similar to running around in circles nonstop. Hmmm…unfortunately, I know exactly what she's talking about. I DO need to work on those things and stop being crazy Maizie! But I just love people! I guess the playing is over and well,  you probably know the rest…it's time for Maizie to get back to Mindy and get back to work!