Biosensor Exercises

Biosensor Exercises

The U.S. Military developed a program in the 1970's called "Bio Sensor." The program was developed to improve the performance of dogs used for military purposes.

The basic idea is that by exposing the pups to early "little stressors" it would help the pup develop more resilient responses to stress later on.  By exposing the pups to a series of exercises from Day 3 to Day 16  you can influence neurological growth and development.


The puppies are gently handled using a series of exercises to produce brainwave activity that might not naturally occur on its own. Early brain development is enhanced by creating more neuro synapses.

Each puppy is handled and worked through 5 exercises – each exercise for 3-5 seconds.

The 5 exercises are:
1. Tactile stimulation – pup is gently cradled in one hand as you gently rub a Q-Tip between each of the pups toes
2. Puppy held in upright position – With both hands you hold pup so it's head in straight above it's tail
3. Head pointed down – using both hands you support the pup as you turn the pup upside down
4. Cradle position – you support the pup as you have them lay on their back in your hands
5. Thermal stimulation – taking a washcloth that has been cooled in the refrigerator for 5 minutes you place the pup on the cool washcloth with their belly touching the washcloth.