About ICAN

ICAN Dog in TrainingICAN is meeting two important needs in our communities: (a) providing children and adults living with a disability greater independence and an opportunity for a more enriched life by partnering them with a service
dog and (b) preparing offenders to
return to our communities better
equipped to successfully reintegrate with their families and obtain a job.

ICAN is the only service dog organization in Indiana that is accredited by Assistance Dogs International (ADI). ICAN is all about unleashing abilities and changing lives on both ends of the leash and is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Our Mission

The mission of ICAN brings together three diverse groups to empower people to live more enriched and independent lives.

  • Children and adults with disabilities and their families find they can live more independent and productive lives with the help of a service dog.
  • Carefully screened incarcerated adults train these dogs. These handlers have the full-time responsibility, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week, to care for and teach their dogs the skills needed to become successful service dogs. The handlers also gain many professional and life skills that help with a successful re-entry to our communities.
  • By working with a dog’s innate temperament and eagerness to be with people, ICAN is able to provide service dogs with work they enjoy.

Indiana Canine Assistant Network trains and places service dogs people in Indiana with physical or developmental disabilities, with priority placement given to children and adolescents.

ICAN considers applications regardless of a person’s age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, national origins, or disabilities.

To learn more about ICAN’s Vision-based Strategic Plan, visit 2019-2021 Strategic Plan. To see a copy of ICAN’s 2019 IMPACT report visit 2019 IMPACT.


Photo by Liz Kaye