Current Dogs in Training


ICAN has approximately 45 to 50 dogs in training at all three correctional facilities. Those facilities include: Indiana Women's Prison, Pendleton Correctional Facility/Indiana Reformatory and Correctional Industrial Facility in Pendleton. We also are members of a breeding co-op.


It takes two years to train a service dog, and by the time an ICAN service dog graduates, he/she will know more than sixty commands. When we are out in public furloughing, doing a presentation or special event, we get asked a lot of questions about our dogs, their names, their breeds and their training. Especially around Puppy Love Valentine's when approximately 35 of our dogs are out delivery Puppy Love Valentine's gifts! The dogs have also been barking up a storm to have their own personal bio page along with their photo.  So we decided to create a special page devoted to them. We hope you will enjoy reading about them!

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