Yeahsen & Harmony

"My Boy"

by Harmony the Service Dog

(Yeahsen & Harmony are graduates of ICAN's June, 2014 Graduation Class.)

I watched through the window of my front door as my boy drove off with a group of high school friends.  After he was no longer in my view, I walked back to my favorite spot on the couch in the sunroom and thought about how far my boy has come in the 3 years I have been his service dog.  When I first came home to take care of Yeahsen, I had to work really hard to keep him from running away from his mom, from feeling so bad he screamed and from falling down when he lost his balance. Now, my boy is a freshman at Zionsville High School and I go with him every day.  Josh picks us up every morning in his big yellow bus and we have our own assigned seats. There is always an aid to take us to our classroom when we arrive at High School.

As I settle in, my boy goes to his locker all by himself, something new and very independent for him. Every class period we have students, who have been specially trained to work with Yeahsen, help do jobs around the school that will help us get a job when he is an adult. These students are called "Peers" and I can tell they really like Yeahsen and he likes them. They get High School credit for teaching and supporting him. They even come with us into the community to teach us how to shop and use money. If we have had a good week, we get to go out for a pop on Fridays. At the end of the day, my boy walks into the door and tells mom if I have had a good day before he talks about himself. He says, "Harmony had a good day!".   Because he likes to talk about me so much, he has learned to sit with mom after school and discuss his day too.  I am looking forward to starting Track practice at High School and help him run forward. Because his body does not tell him where he is in space, he cannot run very well. He doesn't always know where the ground is in front of him, but when he holds on to my handle and I gently pull him forward, that gives him enough support to run.


I also think about all the medical appointments and therapy I go to with my boy. He has a lot of appointments at Riley Children's Hospital, but one time he really needed my help. He was getting ready for a procedure when the nurse taped a red light to his finger, he got anxious and I immediately got out from under my chair to press my head on his knee to comfort him. The nurse was so amazed that I knew just how to help him relax. My boy went back for his procedure while mom and I went to the waiting room. About an hour later the nurse said that I was needed to go back to his special bed in the operating room. My boy got very upset when they tried to put the mask on his nose and they were worried about waking him up. They saw how I helped him before and asked that I get in his bed in the recovery room before they woke him. When he woke up, he was confused, but I helped calm him down.


I think about school again and how our Life Skills teacher, Mrs. Morrison, believes in him. I watch her gently encourage him to do more, to try hard to learn. She always wants him to do his very best and she wants me to do my best too. I have watched how he now believes in himself because of Mrs. Morrison and everyone at High School.  I have to admit that I love it during 4th period when they take off my vest and I get to run around like a crazy wild puppy. One time I accidently popped the school's volley ball during PE class. My mom told them that when it comes to sports, if my vest is off, I play hard!


My boy is coming home now from his date with friends, I just heard mom heading to the front door. Courtney is his best buddy and while I know she will take very good care of him, it is a true friendship. There he is. I wag my tail as I look up to see mom with big tears in her eyes, a smile on her face and her cell phone out to record my boy getting out of a carload full of friends and walking up to the door by himself.

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March is Disability Awareness Month. This year's Disability Awareness Month theme is "I'm Not Your Inspiration" - emphasizing that people with disabilities are people first. Often, people with disabilities who are successful, athletic, employed or simply good neighbors are put in the spotlight as an inspiration to others. While it can be difficult to navigate life with a disability, many people in the disability community would prefer to be acknowledged for the many real contributions they make and for a life well lived.

NickFestusLKP6462R 5x7R72
My journey begins on November 11th, 2004. While getting ready to either go out on a mission or go to gate one where I was assigned as part of my duties as base security, my life was changed forever by a 107mm Chinese Rocket. I was a Marine serving in Mahmudiyah Iraq when I was hit. I sustained five different injuries from the back part of my right leg getting ripped off, to shrapnel chipping a bone in my lower back, taking the shell casing in my right shoulder, taking more shrapnel in my upper left arm, and in the midst of getting spun around I ripped off the back side of my left hand along with four of my wrist bones and a bone in my hand. I also live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

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LKO8077 5x7R72
Dakota has changed Scott's life in many ways; they have become inseparable and spend their days together in each other's company. Dakota gives Scott more responsibility, more independence, and a better overall quality of life. After Scott's stroke he nearly lost all of his responsibilities in the household. With Dakota, Scott has a job again, to take care of a dog who adores him and who he loves just as much in return.

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Paul and Tracker
I am reminded daily how God provided the right dog at just the right time. For the past two years, disease had left me medically fragile and homebound. Hourly pain, isolation, as well as the loss of health, friends, school, work, and activities were debilitating. Just as life appeared hard enough, I lost my faithful dog of 14 years. I was weary, ready to quit treatment and give up hope of getting well; then Tracker entered my world. God not only provided Tracker for assistance with practical, daily tasks, but also to bless me in ways I never expected.

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AnnJamieLKO6398R 5x7R72
No one is happy to hear that they have a neuro-muscular disease. It can conjure up images of helplessness and hopelessness. My disease, Charcot-Marie-tooth disease is an inherited, progressive disease with no cure, classified as one of the muscular dystrophies. However, I firmly believe that hope can be found, even when the hardest of times brings us to our knees, and we are tempted to give in to discouragement, loneliness and despair. Ernest Hemingway wrote in his great American novel, A Farewell to Arms, "The world breaks everyone, but later, some are stronger at the broken places."

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KendallClareLKN9055 5x7R72
Clare is Kendall's service dog. Kendall has very limited verbal skills, and no sense of his personal safety. Clare's most important job is to give me peace of mind. When we are in public I no longer have to worry that I will lose Kendall. I shed my first tears with ICAN when I was told Clare would be trained to FIND him.

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7498Cheryl Tony
Tony has such a loving and gentle nature and can't seem to get close enough to the people around him. He is naturally drawn to children and they are drawn to him. He comes to work every day and makes the criminal justice system more bearable for the most vulnerable of people. Children come to my office and are forced to talk about the most unspeakable things. Yet when they leave, they are excited to return, if only to see and play with Tony again. Now the courthouse and the prosecutor's office isn't such a bad place. Not for them and not for the people who work here. Tony has made it a better place all around. We are so lucky to have him. And for that, I could never thank ICAN enough.

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LKN0432 5x7Lo
When Krista and Maestro met there was an instant connection. The two of them make a unique pair. These last few months with Maestro have been an adventure, a learning experience, a little trying and really wonderful; all at the same time. We take Maestro everywhere with us; camping, kayaking and the park, to just name a few more exciting places. Wherever Krista goes Maestro is right behind her. He adores her and takes his job as her partner very seriously. If she goes outside for any reason without him, he will wait at the door until she returns.

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LKN0417 5x7Lo
Aria has already given me a huge sense of security that I did not have before. I'm glad to say I can stay home by myself now. She can also help me open up doors if we set it up for her and pick up items off of the floor so I don't have to run the risk of falling out of my chair and hurting myself. Along with all that I can troubleshoot with the commands that the trainer gave me to make myself more independent out in public. Aria loves when I show her attention letting her know that she is being good (especially treats). She also can find help for me when I do happen to fall out of my chair or out of bed.

"Most important, Aria and Kevin give unconditional love, support and friendship to each other. Kevin and Aria work everyday to learn new tasks that she can help him with.

-Kevin's Mother, Ruth

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LKN0457 5x7Lo
Ally is an amazingly special dog. She knows compassion and caring. She knows how to comfort and hates to hear crying or see sadness. Her soul is kind and loving. She is there when Olivia needs her to calm and cuddle. She helps her to find rest and sleep at night. In just the few short months that Ally has come to live with us, she has opened up a world of possibilities.

''Ally is so great. She is wonderful. She is happiness. She is sweet and beautiful. She is soft and bright and gives me her joy. She is around me if I need her help. She comes to play with me. She is happy to see me when I come in the door and gives me kisses. She crawls up next to me and she loves me.''

-Olivia on Ally

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