Facility Placement

Facility Placement

A service dog has the power to calm a child's nerves in a courtroom. They can provide the physical therapy necessary in a hospital by keeping their partner active and loose as they groom or play with the dog. Dogs give students the confidence in their learning as they sit while the student reads to them. Service dogs have the power to impact an entire community of people who need them. That's why ICAN places some service dogs within facilities. 

Our dogs placed in facilities work with professionals who incorporate the dog into the care of their clients, patients or students. These dogs are most frequently placed in hospitals (e.g., physical therapy departments), court rooms, or schools with students who have special needs.

Facility Dogs verses Public Access

Facility dogs do not have a protected legal right to public access as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These dogs may be permitted to enter facilities (e.g., schools, therapy units) but is determined by agreement between the dog's facilitator and the administration of the facility.

People with questions about their eligibility and the process should refer to our FAQ page before contacting ICAN as you will find many answers to common questions addressed there.