Who We Serve

Dog and waterfountain.

They don’t call dogs “man’s best friend” just because they’re always happy to see us after a long day, or because they’ll play fetch with us whenever we want to spend time outside. They’re great companions because they’re excited to serve us. They’re dependable while giving us the freedom to be independent. Their spirit is loyal and their love is unconditional.

People Living with Disabilities

An ICAN service dog provides the independence people with disabilities desire. Our dogs are trained and matched specifically to people with specific needs. Our dogs serve clients with various developmental and physical disabilities by assisting them with full range of day-to-day activities. They also provide the emotional connection and unconditional love. ICAN places dogs within Indiana and placement is determined by our Client Placement Team on what dog will work best for that particular type of placement. There is a 1-3 year wait time for a dog and sometimes longer for autism assist dog.  Learn more about our dogs serving people with disabilities.

Facility Placement

ICAN dogs don’t just affect the lives of individuals, they inspire communities. Our dogs have the skills to aid clients in a variety of facility settings. Whether it’s serving in a hospital, a courtroom or school, ICAN dogs are equipped to provide the assistance and the tools necessary for the facility’s success. Learn more about placing dogs in facility placements.