Volunteer Support Team

Some of the many furlough volunteers at ICAN. This one is all about puppy love!

The success of ICAN’s mission could not be possible without the support of nearly 150 volunteers. These individuals dedicate many hours supporting ICAN, whether it’s furloughing a dog or puppy raising, being a whelping host, helping in the office, delivering Puppy Love Year Round, working an event or serving on a committee, ICAN loves their volunteers!

Liz Kaye, ICAN’s volunteer photographer, taking a break with the pups!

Volunteer Support Team

Annie Jansons – Puppy Love Year Round

Shirl Henderson – Greeting Card Artist

Pat Clark – Furlough Foundation Class Training

Breeding/Whelper – Dr. Jamie Young of KasanaCanines and Nancy Shryock

Whelping Hosts – Juli McGarrah, Steve Ward, Bev & Paul Radloff

Liz Kaye – Photographer

ICAN furlough volunteers doing a week of boot camp with our handlers at Indiana Women’s Prison.
Fetch Team
Beth Edwards   Sandi Holubik    Judy Harrington
Pam Budny     Sean Diamond      Ana Ganahl
Pat Clark    Steve Ward    Julie Mathias     Kristine Rhodes

Our handlers are just as much a volunteer for ICAN as anyone else!

It was a fun day of baking goodies at IWP’s Culinary Kitchen for Puppy Love Valentines!

The handlers and pups at PCF team up for a group photo after doing more than 700 dog art canvases for ICAN’s Puppy Love Valentine’s fundraiser!

To learn more about volunteering for ICAN, please Click Here.

All photos by Liz Kaye Photography