Hope & Independence

Discover hope and independence with a friendly, loyal service dog to assist you every day.

Our inmate handlers work with us to train several types of service dogs to help as many children and adults with disabilities as possible.

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ICAN clients, inmates, and dogs are our top priority.

It's safe to say our entire team loves dogs! But more than that, we have a heart for helping others and inspiring them to reach their true potential.

We keep our puppies active, healthy, and well-trained so our dogs, inmates, and clients like you can positively impact each other for years to come.

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ICAN service dogs can help children and adults with disabilities by:

Retrieving dropped or out-of-reach items
Opening and closing doors and cabinets
Turning light switches on and off
Moving clothes from the dryer to a basket
Interrupting a nightmare for a veteran with PTSD
Connecting the client with the people and world around them
Applying deep pressure to comfort a child with autism
And more

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During our service dog training, we guide each puppy toward the best work for their unique personality, temperament, and strengths.

This lets us match our clients with the perfect service dog for their situation and needs.

We strive to be as transparent as possible with our clients and their families. Although it costs $25,000 to train one dog, ICAN only charges $2,500 (10 percent of that cost) for a service dog. This cost includes serving the client and dog during its time in service, which averages eight to 10 years.

ICAN places dogs within Indiana.


We train and place the following types of service dogs:

Find hope and independence

with a loving service dog by your side.