Whelping Host

Dog and walker WHELPING HOST – helping ICAN bring “Puppies with Purpose” into our training program.

Play a significant role in the breeding program with ICAN by helping us whelp a brand new litter of puppies!

It is critical for service dogs to have the right temperament and health and we are in need of caring volunteers to provide a loving home to a breeding female, and to give a wonderful start to her puppies who will go on to provide increased independence to our clients.

We want you to know we will support you from the beginning, and along every step of the way!

A Whelping Host will…

1.     Make a commitment to make a home and care for the female dog throughout her breeding career.
2.     Be willing to learn about and whelp puppies in their home.
3.     Preferably reside in Indiana within an hour of Indianapolis.
4.     Provide transportation to and from breeding sessions and medical appointments
5.     Accept the responsibility for the daily care, food, and routine medical requirements of the female dog. ICAN is responsible for all breeding and litter expenses.
6.     Attend breeding and obedience classes at ICAN.
7.     Provide a positive and healthy home environment.

To apply to become an ICAN whelping host please contact our Volunteer & Canine Coordinator at Juliem@icandog.org.

Photos by Liz Kaye Photography.