Tails to Tell

Do you love the mission of ICAN and have been deeply touched by the stories of how our dogs have brought hope to clients and the handlers that train them? Would you like to share this with more of your friends or co-workers?

ICAN has a special program called Tails to Tell! It’s where our dogs, clients, and released handlers tell the story about ICAN! It can be done by hosting a reception with light appetizers, or after work in your lobby or over brunch or dinner in your home where you invite a selected group of friends to attend. ICAN will line up the dogs (yes, dogs), the speakers, along with a short video. We will do a brief informal presentation and allow your friends to meet the dogs and speakers, ask questions, etc.. The host will then ask their friends to support the work we are doing and provide them an opportunity to make a donation to ICAN.

If you are interested in hosting a Tails to Tell or have further questions, please contact Amanda at Amanda@icandog.org or call 317-672-3863.

Let our dogs Tail the Story for you!