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40 million Americans have a disability that significantly affects them — but a service dog can help.

Children and adults with disabilities should be able to feel safe, accepted, and independent. Since 2002, it’s been our hearts’ purpose to support, encourage, and empower people. By training and placing service dogs, and through our community’s generous support, we’re able to enrich the lives of children and adults living with a disability.

When you sponsor a puppy in training, you help us create stability and encourage others to overcome daily challenges. A service dog can help someone with a disability find the hope and independence they need. Plus, our assistance dogs bring so much joy, and they’re a constant reminder of what unconditional love is.

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You can change inmates’ lives by sponsoring a puppy they’ll train to become a service dog.

Your sponsorship will allow us to take great care of our sweet puppies before bringing them to Indianapolis correctional facilities, where we train inmates on handling them. These dedicated individuals then learn to put their mistakes behind them and find something worthy to contribute to: training service dogs to help individuals with disabilities.

Many inmates (and their parents) have written beautiful letters to donors who’ve sponsored the dogs they’ve trained. One individual even said that because they had the opportunity to train an ICAN puppy, “I’m no longer just a number in prison.” Thanks to sponsors like you, inmates can continue making a difference and finding their purpose.

Financial support from a sponsor not only provides critical funding to support our mission;

it also provides cause-related marketing to organizations and companies. Some examples of current partnerships are listed below. Please contact us to learn more.

Puppy Naming Rights Sponsorship for Individuals and Corporations

Client/Canine Team Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship

In-Kind/Underwriting Sponsorships

Media Event Sponsorships

Promotional Sponsorships

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We believe every dog in our program should have the middle name "Grace."

These dogs are undeserved blessings to us all: to the people who raise them, to those who train them, to the families receiving them, and to the community engaging with them.  They simply come into our lives and change absolutely everything.

Because of these dogs, we see the world differently. We perceive others more openly, we operate more intentionally, and most importantly, we learn to become our best selves — to be more “dog-like! We learn to fully embrace joy, offer empathy, consider self-value, welcome companionship, and experience true love.

If you have a special name you’d like to bestow to one of our puppies-in-training, we encourage you to look at sponsoring a dog that provides you with naming rights. Not only will you provide a pup his or her namesake; you will also take an active role in a puppy’s journey of becoming a service dog!

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You will change someone's life when you sponsor a puppy.

Individuals and companies get to play an active role in a puppy’s journey of becoming a service dog. You’ll also be able to name the puppy you sponsor and follow their two-year training.

Depending on your contribution level, your gift will help us cover all or part of your sponsored puppy’s training costs for two years, which include:

Dog food, bedding, and crates
Veterinary care and heartworm/flea preventative
X-rays for joint health
Grooming and hygiene
Toys, bones, and dog treats
Balance and training vests
Bandanas, collars, and leashes
Team Training and ICAN Graduation

Interested in changing lives through

sponsoring a puppy or our teams?