Helping You Thrive

Overcome mobility challenges and trauma with a loving dog by your side.

We train service dogs for veterans so these men and women can overcome mobility obstacles and find a sense of security if they're living with PTSD.

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We can help you feel independent and hopeful again.

Military men and women make incredible sacrifices for our country, but they sometimes return home with life-altering injuries, or memories of tragedies they experienced.

If you’re a veteran with a mobility issue and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), you may not feel like you have much (if any) control over your situation. But an ICAN service dog can provide support.

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Your dog will receive training that’s specific to your individual needs.

A service dog can impact your recovery in ways you never thought possible. A veteran assistance dog can interrupt a nightmare, alert you if you’re showing signs of anxiety, and give you a sense of peace as you heal from your trauma.

Whether you simply need mobility assistance, or you’re also struggling to overcome PTSD, a service dog can help you transition back to civilian life, get around with confidence, and work through injuries or anxiety.

Our comforting and capable service dogs for veterans are trained to:


A life-changing injury is difficult to adjust to, but having a mobility assistance dog will help you feel independent and capable again. Your service dog can help by retrieving named objects, opening and closing doors, pushing buttons, and even turning lights on and off.
If you’re struggling with PTSD on top of a mobility issue, a service dog can provide comfort in crowded situations. Your dog will also alert you to signs of anxiety (like foot-tapping, fist-clenching, or knee-bouncing) and provide deep, hug-like pressure to help you relax
Physical therapy and mental health counseling are essential to your healing, and you can include your dog in the process. We can provide guidance on working with your therapist and counselor to incorporate your service dog in a comprehensive recovery plan.

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Our service dogs for veterans can assist you by:

Picking up and retrieving named objects
Opening and closing doors and cabinets
Interrupting PTSD-induced nightmares
Alerting you to increasing anxiety (and helping you relax)
Keeping you calm in a crowded room or in public
Helping you reconnect with your family
And more

A Veteran's Story | Nick & Festus

Nick Bennett, a decorated war veteran, recalls the tragic events that led him to the helping paws of man’s best friend, and the unconditional love that can heal hearts and souls. To hear his story, please watch the video.


Please note:

We only place dogs with veterans who have a primary mobility assistance need, with PTSD support as a secondary need.


Recover from injury and trauma

with a loving, comforting service dog by your side.