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Facility dogs work with professionals who incorporate the dog into the care of their clients, patients or students, and are most frequently placed in hospitals (i.e. physical therapy departments) or schools with special needs students. Unfortunately these dogs do not have a protected legal right to public access as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities […]

Imagine spending your days worrying about the possibility of a low blood sugar drop. You have no idea when it could happen and you know that it could trigger a seizure or even result in a coma. Worst of all, your ability to predict these drops has decreased so much that you’re afraid to go […]

Teaching Resources ICAN is passionate about teaching the next generation about service dogs and how they impact the lives of the people they are placed with. Here are some resources so that you can be a part of spreading awareness about service dogs. There are all kinds of resources available here for both younger and […]

In December 2001, Dr. Sally Irvin founded Indiana Canine Assistant Network (ICAN) because of her belief that service dogs can be catalysts for positive change in peoples’ lives. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, ICAN primarily serves residents of Indiana, with occasional client placements outside of the state. The initial home of the ICAN program began at […]

They don’t call dogs “man’s best friend” just because they’re always happy to see us after a long day, or because they’ll play fetch with us whenever we want to spend time outside. They’re great companions because they’re excited to serve us. They’re dependable while giving us the freedom to be independent. Their spirit is […]

HISTORY OF ASSISTANCE DOGS Assistance dogs provide support for people with disabilities at a level we could not have predicted decades ago. Over the past 40 years, the role of assistance dogs has increasingly expanded and become more challenging. Assistance Dogs International defines three types of assistance dogs: 1) guide dogs for the blind and […]

Our Belief in Positive Reinforcement In over a decade, our proven training philosophy has successfully placed close to 150 service dogs with clients in need. Our training program has helped set the foundation for countless lives positively impacted by the independence, confidence, and quality of life our service dogs provide. We believe that a cornerstone […]

The inmates in the training program at Indiana Canine Assistant Network trains dogs in a variety of skills that assist children, adolescents, and adults who have physical and/or developmental disabilities. The majority of placements are with clients who live in Indiana. Facilitated Assistance Dogs For children 7 years and older, who have a disability, ICAN […]

ICAN trains dogs in a variety of skills that assist children, adolescents, and adults who have physical and/or developmental conditions such as autism, diabetes or mobility-related disabilities. Utilizing positive-reinforcement methods only, we work with each dog's innate temperament and eagerness in order to uniquely prepare service dogs to meet the special needs of our clients. […]

The healing role of assistance dogs: What these partnerships tell us about the human-animal bond By Dr. Sally Irvin Implications • There are more than 22,000 individuals in the United States who are partnered with an assistance dog. • Partnership with an assistance dog has been shown to have significant benefits for the human partner. These benefits include increased ability […]