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March 16, 2018

Prior to being adopted into our family, our son Nicholas lived in a Russian orphanage where he experienced under-stimulated, neglectful, institutional care. When he came home at 18 months,


October 23, 2017

An Old Friend I've Just Met: Senator by Mary Lofton (Mary received Senator as an In-Home Skilled Companion at the 2017 ICAN Summer Graduation. Her husband, WTHR Meteorologist, Chuck Lofton, along with Nicole Misencik, will be co-hosting ICAN's 15th Celebration on November 17th). Senator & Mary I wish you could meet my old friend Senator,…


June 29, 2017

It's not too often that you find a four-legged friend that's won an election. However, it's happened at ICAN, and Truman came out as the "Top Dog." In his new role, as a facility assistance dog, he'll be using his people


June 28, 2017

Sometimes you need a faithful friend by your side to guide you through life. That's what Senator, a Golden-Lab will do for Mary. His deep brown eyes constantly watch Mary, to anticipate how he can


June 22, 2017

A good friend, is a good listener, and that's what Nanook is. He'll be taking on his role as a courthouse dog in Franklin, Indiana. "I know Nook (as he's affectionally called) is going to do great things," said his handler