In-Home Skilled Companion Dogs

Skilled Companion DogsThese dogs provide help with tasks such as retrieving dropped items, balance support, and emotional companionship, but this assistance can only be provided in places where pet dogs are permitted. The difference between this type of dog and an assistance dog is that this type of dog does NOT have public access and does not have legal protection as outlined by the ADA.

For people who do not go out of their home much or have assistance from others when they do, this type of placement is an option as the waiting period for this type of dog is typically not as long as the waiting period for the other type of ICAN dogs.

ICAN places dogs within Indiana and placement is determined by our Client Placement Team on what dog will work best for that particular type of placement. There is a 1-3 year wait time for a dog and sometimes longer for an in-home skilled companion or autism assist dog. ICAN charges a $75 non-refundable application fee and a one-time fee of $2,500, or whatever the fee is at the time you receive your dog. We then work with the client and dog team at no additional charge for the life of that partnership as new needs arise. Learn How to Apply.

People who are thinking about applying for a service dog often have many questions about their eligibility and the process. Please refer to the FAQ section on this website to find many answers to common questions. If your specific question is not addressed, please contact us, or call Sandi, our Director of Client Services at 317-672-3865.