ICAN Doggy Résumés

Name: Purdue

Dog and handler

Handler: Lara

Objective: Beautiful black lab/golden mix in search of a young boy to share his life with. Looking for someone to spend days and nights playing ball, taking walks, getting belly scratches and giving special ”smooches” too.

Special Skills: Loves to retrieve any object, especially in hard to reach places; He can go find your mom and dad for you in case you need help. He likes to make sure you know he is always there for you by nudging you or sitting on your lap or even standing behind you. He can make you laugh by doing tricks. He will make you fall in love with him. He is very forgiving and understanding.

Favorites: He needs love and lots of attention, whether it be petting him,  scratching his chin, or his belly. He loves to run and play ball, hide and seek and ”find toy”. He loves kids!

Prior Experience: Well-traveled and have worked in Pendleton Prison with some fantastic male ICAN handlers; worked with an awesome handler named Deb who loved him unconditionally and worked with handler Lara who pushed him to be the best he can be. He also got to work with great ICAN furlough volunteers and traveled with them all over Indiana.

Main Goal: His dream job in life would be to find a little boy who needs him just as much as he needs them. He wants to be with someone who accepts him for who he is as he will accept them for who they are too. He needs a best friend, so together, they can give hope to each other.

Name:  Jamie
Dog and handler

Handler: Heather

Age: 2  l/2 years old

Breed: Golden Retriever

Sex: Female

Color: Strawberry Blonde

Children: 8 pups-4 Girls; 4 Boys

Future Goal: To become an ICAN service dog and have public access

Past Time: Playing in the water and rolling around in stinky stuff.

Skills: Great retrieves and bracing

Likes: To give hugs and kisses; get a nice scratch behind the ears and a belly run; love to eat and play

Experience: I am a sweet, affectionate, fun, loving Golden Retriever. I love to be near you at all times, just in case you may need some assistance. I can get your shoes, pen, paper, a purse, or anything that may drop throughout the day. If you need help taking off your gloves, socks,  or maybe a tug on a drawer, door, or cabinet, I can do that and even close them for you! I am what you are looking for! If you need help getting up off the floor and walking, I am your lady! I am getting better everyday bracing up and downstairs. I do a nice lap and just to make my lap even better, I will give you a nice huge hug just to make you smile! I would love to be your perfect match, your companion, the one you can depend on. I will be waiting to hear from you.

Contact Info: Call  800-123-GOLD

Name: Dakota – “AKA” – Kotes MaGoats Jesus & Dakota Fanota Janota Wynota

Dog and handler Trainer: Sonya

Breed: Black lab/golden mix

Age: 2 years, born 5/13/2013

Current Occupation: Service dog in training. Professional sweetheart.

Future Goal: To be the best “dawg gone” service dog possible for Scott and to bring him lots of laughter and joy.

Best Qualities: Loves for you to ask him to do things, especially retrieves. Also gives fantastic hugs and kisses, and will follow his person everywhere.

Favorite Past Time: Swimming in the baby pool, jumping into the water as it is being thrown into the air, and lots of belly scratching.

Personal Assessment: I am super sweet, hardworking, and funny as heck! There will never be a dull moment in your life if you choose to hire me as your best bud and helper. I will love you endlessly and together we will be able to conquer anything!


Name: Jordan

Trainer: Alkeia

Breed: Black English Lab

Date of Birth: 11/28/2012

Work Experience: Jordan has been in the ICAN program training diligently, for more than two years. He has dedicated his life to becoming a fully skilled service dog so that I may change the life of his client.

Special Skills: Jordan will gladly retrieve any item that you may need. He enjoys turning the lights on/off (it makes him feel taller). He also loves to off his comfort when anyone is sad.

Hobbies- Jordan’s hobbies are sleeping, wiggling his butt, and eating. What can I say, he’s not a complicated guy!