How ICAN Brings Hope

Dogs are amazing creatures. Their gifts to humanity are loyalty, love and service. For over a decade, ICAN has successfully been placing dogs into meaningful relationships with clients who need assistance with daily activities. We serve a variety of folks who desire independence and a high quality of life. Our service dogs help provide both.

Who We Serve

ICAN dogs are placed into relationships with children and adults who have physical and developmental disabilities in Indiana. Our dogs are trained specifically to serve our clients’ needs in their every day lives. We also place dogs into special needs facilities throughout Indiana. Learn more about who we serve.

How We Train

Our training philosophy has successfully prepared dogs for lives of service for more than a decade. We firmly believe in positive reinforcement, and our rigorous, yet compassionate, training program produces relationships between dogs and clients that are based on respect – not power. Learn more about our proven training philosophy.  Our dogs are the superstars of this operation, but don’t take our word for it. How ICAN brings hope is best told by our clients and the handlers who train them. Learn about hope by reading their stories on Client Success Stories and Handler Success Stories.

How To Apply

ICAN’s story is one of empowerment. Our dogs are trained and placed into relationships that change lives. If you’re interested in joining ICAN as a client, please take a look at our application process.

Photo by Liz Kaye