Independence & Purpose

We provide independence for clients and purpose for inmate handlers through partnerships between people and dogs.

ICAN’s trained service dogs help our clients and handlers feel empowered, break barriers, and overcome challenges — unleashing ability for amazing results.

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By providing trained service dogs

for children and adults with disabilities, we:

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Create safe opportunities for independence.
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Help those with disabilities overcome challenges.
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Guide the incarcerated toward hope and purpose.
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Unite, celebrate, and empower our community.

Since 2002, we've trained service dogs to provide hope, support, and unconditional love. 

Nearly 61 million Americans live with a disability that significantly impacts them each day.
Children and adults with disabilities often struggle with stability and social acceptance. But these individuals should be able to find hope, worth, and independence — and to know that they’re so much more than their condition.
When someone with a physical, developmental, or cognitive disability matches with a service dog, they discover so many things: safety, independence, friendship, and more.
These dedicated men and women find purpose, gain hope, and learn the skills they need to successfully return to the community — all by training service dogs to help someone.
Our dogs are smart, disciplined, and trained for two years before we match them with a client. ICAN dogs love helping folks with daily tasks, not to mention being their best friend!
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  • Frank, ICAN Handler

    “I am very thankful for the opportunity and the skillset ICAN has given me and for the confidence, I now feel for my future.”

    Frank, ICAN Handler
  • Joan, mother of ICAN client Olivia

    “[Our daughter] Olivia has a rare genetic disorder called spinocerebellar ataxia type 5 (SCA5) with congenital onset. Five years ago, our original hopes for Ally and Olivia included Ally helping Olivia with dropped items, turning on and off lights, pulling her walker to her, and providing a social bridge. We quickly saw those goals met and started to see so many other possibilities.

    Joan, mother of ICAN client Olivia
  • Rheann, ICAN Handler

    “My life is now more structured and disciplined because I need to provide structure and consistency to the dog. I’ve become more patient because I have to work at the dog’s pace for learning, and not my own. This program is a pocket of hope in an environment of sorrow and despair.”

    Rheann, ICAN Handler
  • John, ICAN Client and Marine Corp Veteran

    “I applied for a service dog because I have many physical disabilities from my time in the Marine Corps that make daily life difficult. I was fortunate that the VA quickly agreed with my request to be approved for a service dog based on my current disabilities. I also wanted a dog that could be cross-trained in both physical and emotional support, as I have PTSD from my time in the service and as a firefighter/paramedic.

    John, ICAN Client and Marine Corp Veteran

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Service dogs can spark life-changing results.

We train several types of service dogs to help people find new perspectives, purpose, and hope. Plus, their unconditional love inspires us to put others before ourselves.

We're always looking for volunteers to help us train our dogs. And even if you don't have time to volunteer, your financial generosity will also benefit ICAN's life-changing mission.


People living with disabilities should be able to lead independent, productive lives.

Nearly 40 million Americans live with a disability that significantly impacts their daily life, from completing certain tasks to finding social acceptance.

While inmates have different challenges, they also struggle at times to find meaning, hope, and purpose.

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Since 2002, ICAN’s trained service dogs have brought stability and joy to children and adults living with a disability. At the same time, we equip inmate handlers with the skills they need to confidently return to the community.

Clients and handlers feel more empowered, break barriers, and overcome challenges with service dogs by their side.

Our accredited service dog training and placement program provides safety, friendship, and independence for children and adults with disabilities. And by training our sweet dogs to help someone else, incarcerated men and women find purpose, gain hope, and learn the skills they need to successfully return to the community.

With your support, we can keep training service dogs, creating stability, uniting communities, and empowering people to overcome challenges.

Help us bring

Hope, joy, and worth

to children and adults with disabilities and incarcerated individuals.