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December 3, 2014

Training Has Given Me a Sense of Peace

I didn't know what trust was and it took a dog to teach me about it.  Nina, a beautiful black lab was the first dog that I had trained, not to say I was any good at it. I had a lot to learn about her and about myself. And, I had to learn about trust.

I had to trust her that she would work hard each day to learn her commands so that she could become a good service dog someday. And, she had to trust me – to feed her, care for her, protect her and be there for her. Together, we had to trust each other.

What I have gotten out of training ICAN's service dogs is a sense of peace. Nina taught me that we had to work together as a team, and to be the best we could be. It is not everyday that you get an opportunity to be a part of a team… to trust one another completely.

I suffer from PTSD, but working with these dogs I have not had an outburst in one year. The nightmares also have subsided, and I believe it is because of these service dogs I am able to focus on what I am doing.

Thank you to all the ICAN staff, and to the dogs that give us the ablity to live a normal life.

-Robert, ICAN Handler, Correctional Industrial Facility

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