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November 17, 2014

The Forgiving Heart of a Dog

Lara with one of ICAN's client's, Joseph, and his new forever friend, Makana

by Lara, ICAN Handler

I had to search over 30 years to find what love really means.

All I ever wanted was for someone to love me. In that process, I let my parents and family down, hurt so many, and lost anything that was ever beautiful about me. Abuse robs you of everything.

When I became an ICAN handler, I came in thinking I had it together, but quickly found out I had it together only on the surface. I have had to reach down to the very bottom of my soul and deal with all the weaknesses I never chose to deal with before. That love that I was looking for was found through the forgiving hearts of these beautiful dogs.

The ICAN volunteers and furloughers hugged me and treated me like I was a person and not just a number. The ICAN staff put trust in me and gave me this huge responsibility when I thought no one would. The clients believed in me and have trusted me with their kids and allowed me to be a part of their lives. ICAN has allowed me to make my Mom and Dad proud of me after failing so much. I have employable skills, my self-esteem is back, and I have found true love through the spirit of ICAN.

-Lara, ICAN Handler, Indiana Women's Prison


                     Lara & Minnie (Minuet)