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January 3, 2019

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Tteamwork Makes the Dream Work

by ICAN Handler, Frank, Correctional Industrial Facility

My name is Frank and I am currently at Correctional Industrial Facility and I've had the privilege of being involved in ICAN a little over two years now.

The dog I'm currently working with is ''Old Thunder'' who we call Thunder for training purposes. Thunder was named after Corporal Cary Wynne, who served in the U.S. Marines. Upon his untimely death, an ICAN dog was sonsored in his honor. They chose ''Thunder'' as his name because Cary's battalion nicknamed him ''The Thundering Third.

As of November 7th he was one year old. Thunder is a very special dog that has always preferred training to playing. At his young age he is very advanced. Thunder is in his level 3's already but has picked up the concept on quite a few level 4's (such as turning the light switch on and off, putting your arm or leg back on the foot or arm rest of a wheelchair). Also Thunder is doing very well in diabetic scent alert for high and low blood sugars.


Thunder's personality is always very upbeat and eager for whatever. It totally matches the song ''Thunder'' by Imagine Dragons. Thunder expels a certain level of confidence that makes me want to be a better trainer.
He loves to hang with the boys, such as in the garden where he would sometimes help carry things, but mainly wanting his fair share of the cherry tomatoes and watermelon! He is definitely a veggie loving dog.
To me, Thunder has been very reassuring for the path I have chosen to dedicate my life to, in and out of prison. Watching Thunder succeed in his skill level and knowing that I had a small part in helping him establish who he is gonna be and that chance for that connection with someone that will change their life for the better, is so rewarding.

I am very thankful for the opportunity and the skillset ICAN has given me and for the confidence I now feel with my future.


I also want to send out a very special thank you to Thunder's sponsors. It is people such as them, that see the bigger picture and define what this is all about and that's HOPE – Helping Others Prosper Equally. Teamwork truly makes the Dream Work. – Frank, ICAN Handler