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July 13, 2016

Shawnda and Bonnie

Shawnda and Bonnie

Miss Bonnie, an adorable white lab, was assigned to Shawnda at Ezkenazi health to be a facility dog. Shawnda, her handler, was more than happy to discuss her favorite things about Bonnie. She learned about the ICAN program through the CEO of Eskenazi Hopsital and was immediately interested. She said she instantly loved Bonnie for her personality, as she was so loving and such a sweet dog. In fact, the most surprising thing about Bonnie for Shawnda, was that one her first day, she was working with a 5 year-old little boy in the speech department. Bonnie was laying on the ground, helping with his speech, when the little boy laid down next to her. Everyone thought he was just going to give her a hug, but instead he reached over and bit her ear. Immediately, everyone was worried that Bonnie would be upset and they were shocked it even happy. Instead of reacting like most dogs would, Bonnnie apparently just turned her head calmly looked at Shawnda, like “did that just happen?”. Immediately, Shawnda knew Bonnie would the perfect facility dog.

She said having a facility dog here at the hospital has been amazing. Everyone has been welcoming and absolutely loved it. Shawnda says Bonnie brings a smile to all the injured patients, depressed patients and even the staff. In fact, Shawnda says Bonnie is the most well known employee at Eskenazi, she even has a little ID card where she is smiling in the photo.

Bonnie is more than just a facility dog for Shawnda though. She says she fell in love with this dog, and she has too many memories to pinpoint a favorite one. However, the one that stands out the most to her and meant the most to her was from five years ago when she lost her dad. She said Bonnie was a constant support by her side, licking away her tears, and refusing to leave her. Since then, Bonnie and Shawnda have been an inseparable team.