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May 28, 2014

Puppy Love Year Round



Puppy Love doesn’t just happen on Valentine’s Day at ICAN, it’s now happening year round!

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, celebration, retirement, baby or wedding shower, a holiday, get well, good cheer or even a  marriage proposal (yes, really! …our dogs can deliver that ring for you!), our dogs in training are now delivering gifts and sloppy wet kisses all year round!

Puppy Love helped make this marriage proposal a success!               

What is a Puppy Love Year Round Delivery (PLYR)?


Your delivery can be arranged to include a gift box designed by us, an item that is personally from you, or we can customize a delivery to fit your special occasion!

Deliveries are done by one of our dogs in training, which are all under 18 months. Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee a young pup to do your delivery because puppies grow! But we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with your delivery. All of our dogs are adorable, loveable, huggable and may even show off a bit by demonstrating some of the cool commands they are learning!  

What’s Included in a Puppy Love Delivery?

Your PLYR delivery is as special to us as it is to your recipient.

Each delivery has a beautifully handmade card to go with your delivery and a
personalized message from you. In addition, each delivery includes a
pack of ICAN’s note cards, a freshly made cupcake and a balloon for that
occasion. If your friend is a big dog lover, dog treats and either a bandana or a treat pouch (made by the women at Indiana Women’s Prison) are included in your delivery.


Depending on the occasion, we have a number of gifts from which to choose, including canvas art paintings (in three sizes) artistically done by one of our dogs in training, and items made by the women at the Indiana Women’s Prison.



Additional Information

Holiday Deliveries are available too!  Deliveries for Holidays will be done on selected days prior to that Holiday. So keep us in mind for Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s & Father’s Day, Easter, Grandmother’s & Grandfather’s Day, Secretary’s Day and National Boss’s Day! 

To guarentee your delivery, we request that deliveries be arranged two weeks in advance. Minimum cost for a PLYR Delivery is $100.

Additional costs for:
*         Customized deliveries
*         Delivery visit time over 20 minutes
*         Weekend delivery
*         Deliveries requesting more than one dog
*         Deliveries outside of a 20 mile radius from downtown Indianapolis
*         In-home deliveries

Please Note:  If delivery is being made to a home where there are dogs, dogs
must be placed outside or in another room.

ICAN cannot guarantee a delivery due to inclement weather. Should that
happen, we will work with you to reschedule the delivery for another day.
All PLYR orders must be paid in full and received in advance of your delivery. Payment made be made either online or by check. No refunds will be given.

To order or learn more, please contact Annie at annie@icandog.org or call 317-672-3864.


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