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May 29, 2015

Meet Two of ICAN’s Newest Pups!

Meet Blaze and Moonbeam, two of ICAN's newest pups in training!


Day one…

I have rode in with my fire orange collar. That's why they call me Blaze! I am the new golden boy on the block. I am at IWP with nice ladies along with my mom and siblings. There are other dogs here, much bigger than me. I smell them! I hope they will want to play with me.

One with white fur came out of a room barking. Does he want to eat me? The lady called him Bandit. Nah, he wanted to greet those ladies who brought my family to this place so he could sniff all of them and give them kisses. Wow, he's a baby too. He's just sooooo tall! Another one is barking at us! They call him Justice and he also has white fur. Does Justice keep the peace? Especially since Bandit is trying to take our toys!

I just got more milk from my mom and now I am so tired. I can't think about all of this right now.

I'm….blazzzzzzzzing out.

Day two…

Our first night in a new place! I hear a lot of big dogs barking, people laughing and something that goes ''click'' all day long. I go outside and different dogs come by in all shapes, colors and sizes. I don't know them but they are not mean. They just sniff.

We play outside too, me and my siblings. My mom, Holly, comes outside to give us milk. I want ALL the milk! The ladies also give us soft food but is 'not as good as mom's home cooking'! Today, I got my nails clipped. I don't understand why or what that means but I ate while they did it – sweeet!

Day three…

Today I got to go outside and play again. I met another dog named Oakley. She's yellow and bounces up and down. I started to run up to her but she would run away from me. The ladies say I'm a Big Blaze but I don't know what that means. One more time, I tried to get close to her and she still ran from me. Whew! I'm getting tired from all of this running. Time to go to sleep!

It must be meal time because all of the pups are wanting to get close to mom but the ladies are only letting a few at a time get some milk. One of the ladies gives me some more of that soft food. it's not as good as Mom's but I'll take it until it's my time with mom. Everyone here is so nice to me and I love being picked up and held close to them.

After my belly got full I see Bandit coming around the corner – he's running towards me. He bends over and leans in towards me and licks me with his big red tongue. He licked me so hard that I fell over into the grass! The ladies giggled and said he just wants to play and that Bandit wouldn't hurt me. After all that I got real tired. I was ready to sleep some more to get ready for the next day.

Good day & Good night!

Day four…

It's really early and I hear one of the ladies say it's 5AM, whatever that means. I see my sister, Moonbeam and she is still asleep. But not for long because the paper is moving all over the place! Mom says they are needing to clean up our poops and pees so we need to stay out of the way. I huddle close to mom and watch them move things around and make funny noises.

Yum! Breakfast is ready! The ladies put me inside this big square thing they call a crate and put some of that soft food in there for me to eat. My belly sure was hungry!

The ladies then took all of us outside and there was another big dog that I hadn't seen before! Her name was  Montauk and she's a different color from Bandit, Oakley and Justice. She's all black and has shiny fur. She also smiles!  She was so much fun because she wanted to run with me. I could barely keep up with her because my feet are awfully short. And the faster I tried to run, I would stumble over my front two feet and fall over. I kept hearing these giggle noises and then saw the ladies looking at me with big smiles on their face. Even Montauk was smiling at me!

After we came inside we listened to some noise that was coming out of this box and there were  chirping sounds. The one lady said it was birds. I couldn't quite figure out how this thing could make birds but I stared at it for a very long time.  So long that I finally started to close my eyes.

My blaze was running out of fire and it was time for a very long nap!



My first day…

I am Moonbeam. Yeah, I'm only five weeks old and I am Holly's baby, well one of them. We're a litter of twelve, so there are lots of us! On my first day here I met Grass. Grass and Flowers. Grass was as tall as me but real skinny and sweet tasting. Flowers didn't say too much, but she bobbed around when I touched her with my nose. I moved with my family to a place called IWP. I don't know what that means but I like it whatever it is. I get to ride in a shuttle space ship bus that moves really fast and bumps me around from my room to Grass and Flowers house outside, where I think the humans want me to go potty. Grass doesn't say a word about it at all, but the humans sound squeaky and happy so I will keep it up, I think.

I am five pounds, one ounces (who knows what that means either) all I know is I'm the littlest, but that doesn't stop me any! I found out I like to sniff, run, chew, cuddle, and take naps with Grass. The humans are all very cuddly and nice and I think they make funny sounds and faces. They like my name a lot and like to pet me and laugh when I pounce or play. Ranger, my biggest brother likes to wrestle with me and I hold my own. We have fun all day. I get tired too fast but my mom, Holly says it's because I am growing fast. I need a nap before I go out to play again with Grass and Flowers. I will try to remember my new adventures to tell you all about later. Nice to meet you all!

Day two…

Hello World! I wonder how big you are? Huh? I'm curious right now about everything! I want to play and taste different things but I am not sure what it all is. I want to chew something a lot. I found what the humans call a Finger and the lady yelped and I let go. She gave me a soft fuzzy fluffy thing she called Toy. So Toy is a new friend of mine. I like Toy and she likes to play and doesn't yelp when I want to chew! I like that a whole lot. I have been out a lot more to see Grass and Flowers. I met Sun too. Sun makes it light outside and warmer. It's just a little cold outside to me and the humans shiver a bunch. I'm glad I have Fur! Its white and super fluffy like Cloud who hangs out with Sky. I met them when I was rolling on my back in Grass with my sister, Misty. Dr. Sally came to play with me and my brothers and sisters today and to tell the humans that we can learn a new game called ''catch me if you can!''. I love playing that game. I get to chase the humans all around while they make different sounds and moves. I caught them all! Even if I'm little, I'm still really fast and smart! I am doing good with potty on Paper and potty on Grass. I am a fast learner! I have much more to say but since I am talking about it, I need to GO now. Bye world!

Day three…

I got up super early and I was excited about the day ahead. We have a lot to do! They will have to pick me up and put me on the scale to weigh me. They let me nurse from my mama all by myself. Sometimes I kinda like that cause I get real full and sleepy too. I have a new food to chew up. It's brown and soggy with milk and I eat it a bite at a time instead of sucking like I do with mom. I like to chew and it tastes really really good to me. My brothers and sisters like it too. We have been pretty busy learning how to play and potty on Paper and Grass and play the catch me game. I have met many new humans and oh my, all the smells! I don't know what they all are yet but there is lots and I like to sniff around.

My biggest new adventure was what Sonya human called ''Sounds''. She turned on a humming machine that had Bird in it even though I couldn't find Bird or see him. I also heard Music and Sonya sing songs that made her face smile. It was a little loud and scary at first but when Sonya danced I wanted to play catch me game. So I guess Music sound is happy. I heard Thunder, that Sky makes, Beeps that Cars make and I heard Bark that other dogs make, who I haven't met yet, but they sounded real real big!

Day four…

I had another early morning but because it was too chilly outside, I didn't get to visit Grass. Instead, I visited Paper. I will go out to see my friends Sky, Clouds, Grass, Flowers and Leaves later when Sun warms up the outside. Toy has kept me busy and guess what, world?  Me and my litter mates learned how to escape Gate Pen to go see our mom's bed. Yep! We all helped each other learn how to climb over Gate Pen and get in bed with mom. Now we want to go back and forth just because we can. I guess that means we are grown-ups now since we can get over Gate Pen!

Everyone is fussing over my brother, Ranger, being almost ten pounds and me being half his size. Huh! I'll catch up, don't you all worry about it! Dynamite things are in the tiniest packages! See ya!