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August 24, 2015

Maizie’s Month of July Blog

Day 1

Hello to all my wonderful friends out there. I am back from my July vacation. I've missed all of you! I had a really good time being away, but I am glad to be back. Everyone in my dorm came and gave me lots of hugs and even more petting. My dog friends Hunter, Tuck, and Jambo all greeted me too. We got to wrestle around and sniff each other's butts. It was wonderful! Ok I see the looks on your faces, now don't act like you humans don't have some weird actions we don't find distasteful; like when you guys wipe your nose with your shirt sleeve. ugh. Yeah, exactly LOL. On that note I'm off to my room and my toys.

Day 2

I went running to my room, into my crate to see my most prized possession and ahhh… Bunny was gone! I got under the bed, checked the closet area, I looked everywhere, no Bunny. I knew there was only one answer to where Bunny might be – Hunter! Ehhh… Hunter wasn't in his doorway but I knew he was home. I laid in my doorway watching… It wasn't too long before my handler, Mindy, took me outside to potty with my cue "hurry". I "hurried" alright so I could get back to watch for Hunter. I walked into my room and there was Bunny, just lying in the middle of the floor! Hmm… I'm not sure who's playing this game but I do know Bunny wasn't just here…plus his ear is chewed up and I smell Hunter all over Bunny! I'm starting to think Hunter had Bunny the whole time I was gone? I'm not sure what I think of this, but I know this isn't over between my dear friend Hunter and me!

Day 3

I got to go to inside the rec building today to work on my calm greetings. I get very excited when people pet me and give me lots of attention. I've been working very hard on staying calm and sitting still. I'm getting better at this, but sometimes I still sneak in a lick or two. I like coming to rec. With my super star status I'm allowed to sit next to and under the rec workers table too. That's great, from there I can see everything. Volleyball, basketball, people exercising. Everyone comes past me which means I get soooo much attention if I stay calm. It's starting to rain outside so maybe I can come back later today if I can't take my normal outside walk. I hope so!

This is one of Mindy's games she plays with me. She makes me wait until I am released to go get it!

Day 4

I didn't make it to inside rec last night but I'm here again today. "Leave it" is what I'm working on today. This is what I am to do when I come across things I should not have or not pull towards. Usually things are placed here and there and Mindy walks me through those objects. Not too hard – but today, there are not items placed around. Instead, it's a whole gym full of people eating what you call Popcorn! It smelled nothing like OUR Popcorn. This was a very yummy smell and it was EVERYWHERE I looked! Laying here, laying there, people chopping on it all over. My senses are in overload! All I can think about is getting just a tiny taste of this stuff. If ONLY my tongue could streeeeeeetch a bit farther, or a piece would roll over to me. I'll let you know if I get a bite!

Day 5

I found out this morning that I really don't much like thunderstorms. There was wind blowing so hard that a tree fell outside. Rain was coming down so hard I couldn't see very far out the window.  All of the lights went out and it was really dark. Mindy was sleeping until the rain started coming in our window. While she closed the window I crept up in her bed. She saw me and made me get down. I was ok for a few minutes and then lightning struck loud and the sky lit up bright. I jumped right up and over her against the wall and hid my face. This time Mindy let me stay in her bed. I could get used to this, but I have a feeling that's not gonna happen.

Day 6

Woo-hoo! This thunderstorm stuff may not be so bad after all. I got to sleep in the bed and then when Mindy took me out to work today the grass was flooded and muddy. I thought I'd take control of this work session and show her what I could do all on my own. So once unleashed I ran straight for the swampy yard. I "jumped", I "sat" (sit), and I stood up "stand". By the look of Mindy's face, she was not impressed, so I "jumped" some more and "rolled" and rolled until I saw her shaking her head and smiling. I know she's so proud of me! When she told me to "come" I went running right for her and for some reason she kept backing away and so did everyone I went towards. Now, why yell "come" if she wasn't ready for us to go? Humans…

Day 7

You know what? I'm pretty darn cute! After all this time Mindy put pictures of me on our door. There's some of me by myself, and some of Mindy and I with our paintings from Puppy Art. I think we make a good pair. Plus I was really sick of looking at the pictures of Joe. That's some old guy who Mindy says needs a haircut. Now what I am what everybody sees and says "ahh, how adorable…" and I can't help but agree with them. And I might add that my art work was pretty neat looking as well.

Day 8

Today I got to see a picture of my old handler, Angela. That made me smile. I wonder what her new home is like and what kind of new people, animals, and smells she gets to experience? Mindy tells me she's very happy at her new home and follows my progress here on my blog and always watches me on Maizie Monday's on Channel 13. I smile knowing this!

My former handler, Angela. I sure do miss her!

Day 9

I'm not exactly sure what laying around on the job means but I believe ICAN handlers are doing it! Today, we were outside for some training and all the girls laid in the grass beside us. I tried to lick and play with Mindy but she put me "in a down". Then she had me doing "sit, stand, visit," and more "down". I looked around and all my dog friends were doing the same. I bet if Sean or Dr.Sally were here, these girls wouldn't be this lazy…

Day 10

Marlow, an older Collie dog, visited us today. He gets to stay for a few days. He's older than everyone in here. He came with Willow, his housemate. She's older too, but not as old as Marlow. I like it when I get Willow to play and chase me. Marlow just likes to sleep and eat cottage cheese. I might like to be old. No haircuts, no nail trimming, and all the cottage cheese you can eat! Doesn't sound too bad to me. I wonder if all old people eat cottage cheese? From the pictures of Mindy's friends, they don't cut their hair…

Day 11

Listen, I'm not sure why Mindy is being so lazy lately, but I'm sure she better start acting right before Sean and Dr. Sally come for their group training session. She's rolling around in a wheel chair now. Too lazy to even walk! I do my loose leash walking next to her while she rolls around. She gives me cues to do while she's sitting in that chair, she doesn't even get up! I've been working on my "under" a lot today. We go past a table and she wants me to go under it while she keeps going by in the wheelchair. I wish she would learn to drive that thing so I wouldn't have to keep ducking under these tables! And they say I am the one in training…Hmm…

Day 12

This morning I overheard Hunters mom telling my handler that my fur coat was turning darker and redder like Ryker's. Ryker was Mindy's last dog. If it wasn't bad enough, Mindy sometimes calls me by his name! Now people are comparing our colors. I've met Ryker before and I don't see any resemblance! He's a boy, I'm a girl. He was wild, I have manners. I also heard Ryker just recently got kicked out of the groomers. That would never happen to me. I have my own wardrobe and make up for Channel 13 and I act like the classy lady I am! Comparing me to a normal civilian dog, the nerve of some people…

This is Ryker, the dog my handler, Mindy, trained before me. Now he doesn't look (nor act) one bit like me!

Day 13

What did I tell you folks! Today Sean and Dr. Sally were here and not one girl laid in the grass and not one wheelchair was in sight. For now, I'm not going to mention the laziness that's been going on, but these girls better get it together. I had so much fun in group today. Sally brought a rope-toy so we could play tug with our handlers. My recalls have improved so when Mindy told me to "come" I did. After I saw I got to play tug with her, when I reached her, I made sure I didn't wander off and went to her every time. Now don't forget to mark your calendars so you can watch me next month on Channel 13. And after seeing my recent photos, I will let you know that I look a bit fluffy! They say the camera adds 10 pounds!

What a month of July it has been! Also note! Now that I am in my Level II training, my blogs will be done each month, as I have less time to write! Looking forward to sharing with you all the great things I am learning and keeping you posted about how these girls are doing too! See you at the end of August!

Wiggles, Love & Sloppy Wet Kisses,