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July 13, 2016

Lisa and Minnie

Lisa and Minuite


Minuite, or "Minnie", came into Lisa's life about 2 years ago. She was Lisa's third dog, proceeded by Apollo and Cooper, so Lisa knew what to expect to some degree. However, she did not realize just how much of an impact this particular dog would be. She says Minnie exceeded every expectation she had for her. Lisa was amazed by all of the things Minnie was able to do for her, not just physically, but emotionally as well. Besides mobility assistance, which is what Minnie was trained for, Lisa says "Minnie makes it worth getting up every morning." As many of our clients have said, having a service dog gives her a sense of purpose. It forces her to go outside. In public, Minnie is always right there beside her as comfort and a helping hand if need be.

In fact, one afternoon last summer, Lisa passed out in her backyard. Minnie was with her and immediately rushed off to get help. She tried to alert Lisa's husband by barking at the door, but her husband did not hear Minnie. Minnie then ran off to the neighbor's house, alerted him, and led him back to the house where the neighbor then alerted the husband, then the two of them were able to help Lisa.

As mentioned before, Minnie does help Lisa get around in public, but on top of that, Lisa says Minnie also acts as an ambassador for ICAN. She says in public, everyone is constantly making comments on how well behaved she is and asking where they got her. She says her and her husband often take this as an opportunity to tell them about ICAN and how wonderful their dogs are.

Besides just being a service dog, Minnie has provided laughter and joy and has quickly become Lisa's best friend.  Lisa remembers her favorite memory of Minnie, which was at the prison. She says when the dogs were released to go through the obstacle course, Minnie just took off and went through the whole course by herself, without waiting on anyone. Lisa says she instantly fell in love with Minnie and her personality, and just how much fun she was. Minnie loves to 'talk' to her toys, she just lays beside them and makes various noises as if she's talking to them and Lisa has said that has always brought a smile to her face.

Looking at the two of them together, it's easy to see how they are the perfect match and how they both better each other's life.