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September 7, 2012

ICAN Celebrates 10th Anniversary in Style Thanks to 24 Hour Web Project

A 10-year anniversary is a major milestone. This year ICAN is excited to be celebrating ten wonderful years of transforming lives. We just couldn't celebrate properly without the help and support of the entire team at SmallBox and the 24-Hour Web Project. Our organization was this year's lucky winner of a complete site rebuild which also included a sensational video created by Lodge Design that highlights what our dogs can do and what this organization is all about.

The amazing SmallBox team completely transformed our old hard-to-navigate website into a fancy new website complete with a fresh look and user-friendly features. True to their word, the SmallBox team pulled an all-nighter and completed this work in just 24 hours! (We think they were motivated by the two pups Teddy and Olympia that we brought along with us during the task). Creative strategy, marketing strategy, content development, web design, SEO and more all came together due to the hard work, generosity, and dedication of:

Jeb Banner – CEO/ Co-Founder
Dan Fahrner – Marketing Director
Drew DeBoy – Content Producer
Elizabeth Heil – Office Manager
Emily Watkins – SEO Consultant
Jason Ward – Project Manager
Joe Downey – Developer/ Co-Founder
Jon Rogers – Content Writer, Music Detail
John Fernkas – Intern
Jordan Wilson – Developer
Justin Lacey – Interactive Producer
Justin Shimp – Project Manager
Kasey Bradley – Assistant
Leigh Marino – Creative Director
Lydia Whitehead – Design Director
Neil Kjeldsen – Lead Designer
Nick Klooz – Designer
Sara McGuyer – Marketing Strategist
Tyler Bender – Content Manager
Skyler Lawson – Lodge Design/video
Jason Roemer – Lodge Design/video

A huge "THANK YOU" to the 24 Hour Web Project team for helping ICAN look good for our 10th Anniversary!

We also had several volunteers, board members, and ICAN dogs come out and to help and cheer us on. Thank you all for your tireless efforts and your excellent food contributions. Your support means a lot:

Sally Irvin, Mike Grindstaff, Corie Chaplain, Jennifer McVey, Joyce Hertko, Ginny Neff, Tom Ledyard, David Brimm, Kim Reeves, Amy Cornell, Jaime Lira, Liz Kaye, Jennifer Cattet, Dino Sierp, Joan Heege, Ann Ronayne, Amanda Hessel, Becky Andready, Jeff Miller, Hannah Ledyard. Dogs: Teddy, Olympia, Pete, Maestro, Gracie.

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to making ICAN look good… now GET SOME SLEEP!