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July 30, 2015

How do I Keep my Pup from Chewing my Shoes

Rephrase: "How do I get my pup to chew on her own things and only her things?"

Manage: prevent her from being rewarded from chewing on inappropriate objects-things like shoes, baby toys and furniture have a nice but firm-but-giving texture that feels good(is rewarding) to a dog's teeth and gums, especially to a puppy or young dog that is teething.

Management tools:

•pick up non-chew objects when the dog is in the room.

•remove her from the room when non-chew objects must be left within dogs reach (use crate or x-pen when necessary)

•supervise the dog closely and distract her attention from inappropriate objects

•tether her in the room with you to prevent her access to non-chew objects

•exercise – get a lot!  Tired dogs tend to be well behaved dogs.