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July 13, 2016

Emily and Morey

Emily and Morey 

Emily Shyrock is a strong advocate for ICAN. She started volunteering for the program at the age of 18 as a furlough volunteer. She says once she started using a wheelchair, it just made sense for her to receive a service dog from ICAN. In fact, her very first service was the first dog she ever furloughed. Now, she has Morey, who she says has changed her life in more ways than one.

She says first off, he makes her happier. He absolutely loves his job and his enthusiasm for life puts a smile on her face every day. Even on the hardest days, Morey can make the difference. On top of that, he changes how people see her. She says instead of a person with a disability, she becomes a person with dog. When she is faced with something difficult, she thinks of how Morey can use his skills to help her – and more than often he is able to with very little issues.

When asked what her favorite memory of Morey is, Emily replied that it is hard to pick just one memory when you have this amazing of a dog. In fact, that was the reason she started a blog about her adventures with Morey because she wanted to remember them and be able to share them with friends and family. You can see her story here: http://tailsfromtexas.blogspot.com/.

However, she does have one funny memory she would love to share and that is that she had trained Morey to push the door open to let himself in from the backyard and then turn around to close the door behind him. He does this everyday, several times a day, so it has become an automatic process for him. One day, Emily was outside with him as well and she told Morey to "push" the door open so they could both go inside. He did, in fact, but then ran inside and basically slammed the door in Emily's face before she could get inside. She says he's passionate about his job, almost to a fault.

The most surprising thing about receiving a service dog according to Emily is that "When I have Morey with me I realize how much the presence of a dog can the dynamic or a situation or interaction. I'm amazed at how many people I see smiling when they look at Morey or who come up and start a conversation with me. I'll admit, at times this attention can get exhausting or annoying but for the most part I love to see how many people Morey impacts in a positive way- even if it just making them smile."