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November 13, 2015

Crazy Maizie!

Dear Humans,

Woof! My name is Maizie! Born a Leo on August 17th in a litter of eight, my mamma is a beautiful golden retriever named Jamie and my daddy is a handsome lab named Forest. Of course, I take after BOTH of them, and I am in training to become an ICAN service dog. OH! and for those of you who didn't know…I also have a side career as an ICAN Super Star!

I am the ”Maizie Mondays” everyone is talking about and I appear the first Monday of each month on WTHR’s Sunrise (rise and shine at 6 AM) with one my best friends, News Personality & Meteorologist, Nicole Misencik. She lets me show off all of the cool things I am learning and shares what ICAN is doing to bring hope to so many people, including us dogs!

I have learned many things already and have most of the basic cues down. My loose leash walking still needs some work because I tend to walk a bit faster than my human handler… but I am so curious about the world around me! I can already push open doors and cabinets and close them too. Retrieving is a bit trickier because I like to keep the items I get, especially those tennis balls, but I am learning more and more each day.

I still have some bad habits though. At least my handler, Mindy, calls them bad habits, because I like to get a bite of popcorn off the floor, or I just can't resist the urge to break free when I see a big mud puddle because I love rolling and making mud pies! But you got to give a pup like me a break, because I'm STILL young and learning…

None of us dogs could do this training without the enormous amount of hours our handlers put into us. They are with us 24/7, remain very patient (on most days) and they give us lots of love and attention. I love my handler, Mindy. She makes my entire body wiggle when I am with her and she sure smiles, and laughs… a lot when we are together.

So check out how I am doing each month by reading my blog, Maizie Musings. Yes humans, dogs can write, although Mindy has to interpret what I am barking about! There is a lot to be said about the challenges I face, especially with Hunter, that dog across the hallway who keeps stealing my bunny!  You'll find out that I have A LOT to bark about when it comes to humans, my dog buddies, my daily adventures, training sessions and more! Read all ABOUT ME at Maizie's Musings at http://www.icandog.org/our-blog/category/maizies-blog

Love, Wiggles and Sloppy Wet Kisses,