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November 13, 2015

A Boy and his Dog

by Steve Ward, Furlough Volunteer

A boy and his dog,
There could be no simpler bond.
Always a big sloppy greeting,
Of which I am fond.

But my pup is slowing down,
Squirrels he no longer does chase.
Almost fifteen years old,
They should respect his space!

I could bring home a young pup
I have thought a lot,
To be alone someday
Is a dreadful thought!

But could a young pup learn so fast,                                              Pup Mary Ellen (Mimi) & Steve
All the cues, tricks and games
That my old pup has amassed?

No! I think not!
A young pup would need a break!
A place where all get a time-out
Many naps the young pup could take.

So where can one get a young pup so eager to learn
Where one month at a time
We could take our turn?

I hope ICAN find it.  I hope ICAN.
My friends keep saying,
ICAN find this klan!

New friends we would meet and many pups we would teach!
The pups will grow to help others, fulfill their reach!

All this would be perfect, according to plan
We would be well trained, by Becky and Pam.

ICAN do this!  They agree ICAN!

But why are they calling, five weeks before plan???

A puppy right now?  You want me to take?
But I'm not ready, my training is incomplete,
Just ask Becky and Pam!

ICAN do this!  They say ICAN?
Thus came home Hattie
Eights weeks of black fur I could hold in one hand.

I must have been crazy
the next morning to take her to church
Certainly a few prayers
the carpeting we would not smirch!

Who knew going to work could be so much fun!
Every face is smiling at me!
Well, they smile when they see us
At least the little one

So we have a new routine, my old pup and I.
Since we didn't break Hattie
They've entrusted us with Jasper and now Mary Ellen
A short furlough with Leroy and too long with Eli!

Each pup leaves their mark
And as I progress it becomes less my carpet and so more my heart.

It would be impossible to give each one up
If it were not for their important mission
As well as the camadre of the ICAN staff and fellow volunteers
Who make this endeavor so much fun

Just ask Sean…
…when the Stanley Cup is on!