Ingredients of a Service Dog

It takes two years of training for one dog to become an ICAN service dog. The total cost for those two years including lifetime support is $25,000. However, ICAN does not pass along this cost to the client. They pay a one-time fee of $2,500 and receive follow-up and training for the life of the partnership (8 to 10 years) at no additional cost. ICAN relies on individual donations, business partnerships, and funding from grants to support its mission.


For one dog-in-training, the following areas provide costs on the two-year training before an ICAN dog graduates. This does not include the administrative costs of serving the client and dog for the following eight to ten years after placement:

Dog Food, Bedding & Crates – $600/Year

Veterinary Care & Heartworm/Flea Preventative – $2,000/Year

Grooming & Hygiene – $75/Year

Team Training & Graduation (per Client Canine Team) – $750

X-Rays for Joint Health – $300/Year

Balance & Training Vests, Collar, Leashes, Bandana’s & Harness – $500/Year

Spay/Neuter – $500/Per Dog

Toys, Nylabones & Dog Treats – $125/Year

Want to help? Consider making a monthly pledge to cover one of these costs or perhaps sponsor an ICAN puppy or an ICAN event. ICAN currently has 96 applicants on a waiting list and depends on individual supporters such as you. To learn more about how you can help bring hope, contact Dino at or make a contribution at DONATE NOW.