ICAN’s Puppy Cam – The Florida Litter

ICAN's Puppy Cam – The Florida Litter










Last summer, our breeder dog Desiree "Dezzie", a beautiful black Labrador, gave birth to seven beautiful puppies. Five black and two yellow, she is now the proud mamma of seven boys! This is her second litter of puppies.

Birthtime Sex Color Collar Birth Wt Name Call Name
10:35am M Black Blue 18.2 oz Daytona Dayton
11:09am M Black Black 19.2 oz Ocala Cal
11:45am M Yellow Blue 19.4 oz Bradenton Brady
12:16pm M Black Org/Yellow 17.8 oz Orlando Orlie
12:40pm M Yellow Black 18.2 oz Ft. Myers Myer
12:45pm M Black Red/Wh 18.4 oz Petersburg Pete
12:59pm M Black Green 17.6 oz Destin Destin

 About this Litter:

Dezzie met Bill (photo on right) on a blind date in Florida set up by ICAN and Southeastern Guide Dog (SEGD). Dezzie was swept off her feet when they went on their "hot date." She named her litter with a Florida theme for the time she spent with Bill and their romance at SEGD in the sunshine state.

When the Training Begins

Once an ICAN pup is born, his or her training begins.

  1. During the 8 weeks of whelping, the focus is care, early neuro-muscular development, and developing eagerness to learn. It is also about making sure mama and her pups are given the proper nutrition and exercise.
  2. From 8 to 16 weeks, the pups will be assigned to live with an ICAN furlough volunteer, who has been trained as a Puppy Starter. Here they will begin the early stages of socialization and being in various environments and settings.
  3. At 16 weeks, the pups go to one of our Indiana training facilities, where the handlers begin to train them on Level 1 skills.
  4. Every 6 weeks, the dog will come out of the prison for three weeks and live in the community with an ICAN furlough volunteer. While on furlough, it is the responsibility of the furlough volunteer to care for and socialize the pup to the outside world in their home and work environment as well as a shopping mall, grocery store, park, church, etc.

To learn more about the puppies first eight weeks, please visit the Puppy Socialization & Development Page.

To learn more about ICAN's Training Program in our correctional facilities, please visit http://www.icandog.org/how-we-train

To see more videos of the puppies, Click HERE!

At eight weeks old, these sweet boys of Dezzie begin their journey to become a service dog!