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Parents of a child with Autism measure progress with small victories. A day that doesn’t include a safety scare, an emotional meltdown, or hours of frustrating struggle is rare. Even good days are exhausting as family members struggle to understand what their child wants or needs-and as they try to protect them from the sensory […]

When an ICAN service dog passes away or retires, the client is placed at the top of the list to receive another service dog from us. We call them successor dogs. At our 2019 December Graduation, 3 of the 11 graduates receiving a dog were successor dogs. Lisa Condes is Yeahsen’s mother. Yeahsen received Paco […]

The Murky Waters of the World of Assistance Dogs and Emotional Support Dog Animals written by Sally Irvin, Ph.D., Founder/ICAN   In 2019, with over 22,000 working assistance dogs in the United States, one would think the legislators and the public would have a good understanding of the access issues and rights of people who […]