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Request a SpeakerICAN welcomes the chance to speak to your organization about the amazing abilities of assistance dogs. After scheduling a date, ICAN will send a speaker and a dog in training to your location to provide an engaging, 20-minute or longer presentation, after which questions are always welcome. Please note, an honorarium fee is charged for any speaking engagements taking place outside of Indianapolis and its surrounding areas.

School, Business and Community Presentations

ICAN presentations are a great fit for your next event, convocation, or teaching moment. Kid and adult-friendly, our speakers focus on ICAN's service to the greater Indiana community. We explain the extensive ICAN training model, based on positive reinforcement, including exactly what assistance dogs can be trained to do.

Another focus of ICAN's presentations are the social benefits to our community. We teach audiences how to interact with assistance dogs and their companions, and the multiple social benefits of using carefully chosen incarcerated handlers as dog trainers. Schedule one of our low-cost presentations ahead of time, and let our speaker provide an informative and educational experience for any community audience.

Because we believe in the importance of informing your community about ICAN's mission, our presentation fee is a donation in an amount which matches your group's giving ability. 

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