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July 22, 2016

"Mac is pretty much the sweetest and most joyful soul. He loves so many people and so many people love him back and because of that…the blessings are endless" - Jennifer

Read about Jennifer and Mac, a facility dog

March 30, 2016

Tracy is a Special Education teacher at Belzer Middle School. She and her husband had always wanted a dog, but neither of them were able to be home throughout the day and they didn't want to leave a dog in a crate for so long. Everything fell into place when the principal at Tracy's school brought her a copy of the "Celebrating Our Indiana City Carmel" magazine from January of 2007. In the magazine there was an article about a facility dog in the Carmel school system. "We thought, 'If Carmel can do it, so can we,'" said Tracy.

March 22, 2016

Greg and Chip at a fundraiser for ICAN Disability Awareness Month has had a large impact on Greg's life. It was during an event meant to spread awareness that their family first learned that a service dog could be a possible fir for their family. ICAN came and spoke to Greg's...

March 16, 2016

When people ask, "What does it mean for you to have Séamus?" it is really hard for me to answer that effectively with words. Yes, he makes me more independent; he helps me balance and walk; he helps me picked up dropped items; he helps Michael cope which in turns helps relieve my stress. But to explain what Séamus means to me is like me trying to describe how breathing impacts my life. Breathing just is. Yet it's everything. And that is in an essence Séamus.

March 9, 2016
IMG 3436

Ever since I have become a teacher, I have wanted a therapy dog. I had researched how beneficial a dog can be in the class and it seemed perfect when I heard about ICAN through my sister. She had a friend whose husband received a dog through the organization. I went to a presentation at the Indiana Women's Prison with my sister and her friend and knew that this was a wonderful organization. I then applied for a facility dog and Bodhi joined our family in March of 2010.

November 17, 2015

Dakota has changed Scott's life in many ways; they have become inseparable and spend their days together in each other's company. Dakota gives Scott more responsibility, more independence, and a better overall quality of life.

November 17, 2015

I really didn't know much about ICAN when I applied for a service dog. A friend of mine suggested this organization after she attended a fundraiser. We were put on the wait list and received a call in 2014 saying they might have a dog that would be a good match: Miss Clare.

November 13, 2015

I am reminded daily how God provided the right dog at just the right time. For the past two years, disease had left me medically fragile and homebound. Hourly pain, isolation, as well as the loss of health, friends, school, work, and activities were debilitating. Just as life appeared hard enough, I lost my faithful dog of 14 years.

November 13, 2015

I firmly believe that hope can be found, even when the hardest of times brings us to our knees, and we are tempted to give in to discouragement, loneliness and despair. Ernest Hemingway wrote in his great American novel, A Farewell to Arms, "The world breaks everyone, but later, some are stronger at the broken places."

October 29, 2015

In early 2013, I got the call to go meet a possible service dog match at the Indiana Woman's Prison. Sitting there with butterflies in my stomach, in walks this handsome red Labrador, named Festus, with his handler. I saw my new life walking toward me and even though I didn't know how radically my life was going to be changed, I knew life was forever going to be changed for the better. I had hope for a better life for not only myself but most importantly for my family as well. It was also an answer to prayer because as a Marine I had a manly dog with a manly name. Can you imagine a Marine in his uniform saying come here Foo Foo or come here Lady?