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July 16, 2014

"Aria has already given me a huge sense of security that I did not have before.   I'm glad to say I can stay home by myself now.  She can also help me open up doors if we set it up for her and pick up items off of the floor...


June 26, 2014

After a very successful Graduation, we would like to honor our amazing handlers!   

Now it is time to hear about the wonderful April! She trained ICAN dog Aria. One day she hopes "to contine to learn and grow as an individual while some day finding every opportunity to help and give...


November 11, 2013
Nick Festus

This year, on June 20th, ICAN proudly graduated its 100th service dog team. Making that accomplishment even more special was the fact that the team was ICAN's first placement with a combat wounded veteran. Staff Sergeant Nick Bennett, USMC retired, came to us looking for assistance with two challenges that...


August 21, 2013

Prior to each ICAN Graduation Ceremony, two weeks of Team Training is held at the Indiana Women's Prison. Team Training is when the ICAN handlers and clients are brought together by the dogs. As the handlers share their knowledge of each dog with the clients, friendships and memories are made...

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August 19, 2013

ICAN is in the process of finalizing a program with the VA Hospital in Indianapolis to provide "Pet Therapy" using ICAN's qualified dogs and ICAN furlough volunteers.

"I've been working with the VA Hospital for almost a year to develop a volunteer opportunity for ICAN furlough volunteers and ICAN dogs in...

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