September 14, 2014

Prison forces one to live close to the bone. To protect myself in this harsh environment, I erected sturdy walls. My building materials were anger, self-interest, hate, fear, and ignorance. For years, I was comfortable within myself - it was often easier than dealing with the stir.

In July of 2012,...


September 11, 2014

Volunteering for ICAN has helped me grow in many ways and has given me insights on issues I hadn't even thought about, but for me, one of the most important things it has done is to allow me to grow and learn from unexpected sources:  ICAN's handlers, dogs, and clients.



August 13, 2014

This was written by Olivia's mother Joan, describing their new service dog, Allegro - Ally for short.

"Olivia and Ally were destined to be together.  We knew it from the very first time they met during our first interview at the ICAN office.  Ally's ability to understand Olivia was immediate, matching...


August 7, 2014

Maestro graduated in June 2014 and went to Krista as a Autism Assistance Dog.

This letter was written by Krista's mom, Jessica Ennis.

"When Krista and Maestro met there was an instant connection.  The two of them make a unique pair. These last few months with Maestro have been an adventure, a...


August 5, 2014

A letter from Cheryl Polarek about ICAN and her expereince with Tony, her service dog. 

Dear ICAN Friend,

I am thankful for this opportunity to let you all know what ICAN means to me, my family and my profession.  I am a prosecutor who has devoted my career to the children who...