Indiana Canine Assistant Network's mission is to train and place assistance dogs with persons with disabilities throughout the state of Indiana. Utilizing a focused and intensive two-year training program, we work with a dog's innate temperament and eagerness, along with a 100% positive reinforcement training model, in order to prepare service dogs to meet the special needs of our clients.

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ICAN Handlers, Correctional Industrial Facility
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LKM0993 Low680px
Makana & Joseph with Handler Lara, 2013 December Graduate
LKN4015 Low680px
ICAN Pup Tuck
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I Bring Hope LKK
Harmony & Yeahsen, June 2014 Graduate
Renn & Richard, ICAN Handler
LKL9866R Low680px
Angel & Sydni, December 2013 Graduate
LKN9298 Low680px
Mac & Jennifer, 2014 December Graduate
LKK9268 Low680px
LKL8171 Low680px
Nonie & Nan, ICAN Handler