Bring Hope through the Spirit of the Dog

December, 2015

Dear Friends,

Hope through the Spirit of the Dog


Renn with Handler, Richard                  Renn wears the two badges of Officer Renn

When IMPD Officer Perry Renn was killed in the line of duty, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard wanted to bring healing to the community and knew how ICAN changed people's lives. He asked that an ICAN dog carry on the spirit of Officer Renn who had an enormous love for dogs and was dedicated to serving others. An ICAN pup was named Renn and is bringing joy and healing to Perry's family, local law enforcement and the community.

Don Ogle was a Bronze Star recipient in the Korean War. His daughter learned about ICAN after watching the facility dogs work with her dad at a rehab hospital. When he passed away, one of her fondest memories with her dad was how the facility dogs brought him happiness during a difficult time. She paid tribute to him by naming an ICAN pup, Ogie. For Don's family, Ogie reminds them of how the dogs made his last days the best they could be.

Shaunacee was turning 16. Her mother had attended one of ICAN's graduations at The Indiana Women's Prison where she was deeply touched by how the dogs in training transformed the lives of the inmate handlers by restoring responsibility and trust to them. As a birthday gift, Shaunacee's parents sponsored an ICAN pup to give Shaunacee the naming rights. Less than a week before her birthday, a close friend and classmate was killed in a plane crash. To pay tribute to her friend, she named the ICAN pup Gibby. Gibby will carry on the gentle spirit of a young girl whose time on earth ended far too early.

Love and Compassion through the Spirit of the Dog

Clare, an ICAN dog, was life-changing for Kendall and his mother, Renee. Kendall lives with autism, and with limited verbal skills he can easily wander off. His mother's biggest fear was losing him when in public. Clare is now assisting Kendall as an anchor by his side. Clare has given Renee peace of mind, and she no longer has the fear of losing her son.

Clare & Kendall

Kendall's dog Clare is cared for by Veterinarian, Dr. Robin Wilson, the mother of late Hannah Wilson, a college senior who was murdered this past April in Bloomington. Since Clare has brought peace to Renee and hope to her autistic son, she wanted to pass it on and contacted ICAN about naming a puppy in Hannah's memory.

Hannah's family was deeply touched and felt there was no better way to honor Hannah's life than through the journey of an ICAN service dog. ''Hannah lived her life to the fullest. Her life was about compassion, love and acceptance, the same principles of ICAN's mission.'' her mother, Robin said. "My daughter didn't see gender, color, race, religion or sexual orientation in a person. She strived for acceptance for everyone.''

ICAN pup Hannah

Inspiration through the Spirit of the Dog

At ICAN, we are enriched with miraculous stories about our service dogs and the ripple effect their spirit brings to so many lives. We see every day how their spirit brings patience, compassion, and trust to the inmate handler; companionship, independence and freedom to someone living with a disability, just like Renn, Ogie and Hannah are doing. Their love is unconditional and asks for nothing in return neither from an inmate handler nor a child living with a disability. An ICAN dog will always be steadfast by their side.

The Hannah Wilson Endowment

Hannah Wilson's family wants something positive to come from her death. They know that pup Hannah will be a powerful catalyst to help heal their family, Hannah's friends and the community deeply affected by her death. ''The work ICAN does truly represents what my daughter believed in and would have wanted. Please do whatever it takes to raise money for your mission at ICAN so that you can continue to train Hannah and other dogs.'' her mother said.

Hannah Wilson

In Hannah Wilson's namesake, an endowment is being set up by ICAN. The money will be used to pay for ICAN pup Hannah's two years of training and to expand ICAN's program to train additional dogs so we can reduce the three year wait list for those in need of a service dog. However, to open an endowment, a minimum of $50,000 is required. Therefore, we are inviting YOU to help make that happen.
A GoFundMe account has been set up for the special endowment at                        

Please visit it TODAY to help us reach a minimum goal of $50,000.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for your support as we come to the close of another incredible year. A new one awaits us and by YOU making a gift TODAY, together, we will continue the spirit of hope and help someone experience their world in a brand new way. Please join us in becoming part of the ICAN story TODAY.

Hannah's mother Robin, pup Hannah, and her daughter Haley holding a photo of her sister Hannah

Here's to harboring hope,

Jillian McHenry Miller
Executive Director

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